Beowulf Shirtless

I debated whether or not to do this post, because I was sure some people would object, but with a week’s worth of posts to do in Square’s absence I thought I’d slip it in as a bit of filler. Plus, there is a precedent. Check out the Gray Edwards post in the ‘Others‘ section.

While I’ve never been a proponent of animation as erotica it wouldn’t take too many more movies like “Beowulf” to change my mind. While I’m sure the filmmakers could have gone the safe route of covering Beowulf in armor and animal skins, they did the opposite and had him naked or nearly so during much of the movie. The level of detail in the animation is so good you almost forget that what you’re looking at isn’t real. I can’t wait to see what’s turned out when this kind of technology finally filters down to indie filmmakers and pornographers in years to come.

Beowulf Shirtless

  • KarmaLysing

    LOLOL… As can be seen in “Indy 4”, Ray Winstone only WISHES he ever looked that good!!! 😀

    You need to find and cap Gerard Butler from “Beowulf and Grendel”, a much less-cheesy live-action version which came out in the U.S. on DVD only about a year ago…

  • Mike

    Your pictures are getting darker and darker, I need to see NIPPLES!

  • Milton

    While Ray Winstone is not a bad looking guy, the caps used are animation, not the real thing. Please stick to using pictures depicting real people, not animation based on real people; otherwise, you might as well start drawing people. They’d be flawless, & perfectly muscular,&…naawwh.

  • Just a quick note, (yay for internet access!) I got similar feedback when I posted Gray Edwards a long time ago. I think sometimes we just need to escape the reality and look at these ethereal, almost perfect depiction of male beauty. I saw Beowulf in the cinema and I tell you, the animation was so real, you can literally see each strand of Beowulf’s chest hair! And yeah Karma, Ray Winstone only can dream that he looked this good LOL. I think I saw Gerard Butler’s version a while ago but can’t recall if there’s any good shirtless scenes in it.

    By the way Psiwire, FANTABULOUS job! Keep it up!

  • Robert

    Gerard Butler….HELLO….The 300…..

  • Lala

    Isn’t he a cartoon???? Who would stare at cartoon mucles?!?!? I like REAL ones.

  • homuncullus

    even though this isn’t ray winstone’s real body, beowulf is an absolute drool, his body is perfect! i wish that body really does exists!

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