David Belle

David Belle Shirtless

I’ve been doing a lot of sequel posts lately, so I thought today I’d come with something original and post a guy you’ve probably never heard of before. David Belle is an actor/stunt man with just a few credits to his name, most notably the film capped here, “District B13”, a fast-paced French action movie. David is clearly an exceptional athlete and some of the moves he does in the movie are just incredible. I don’t think his face is particularly great, but his body is certainly on point.

David Belle Shirtless

  • sasywench

    He certainly is in shape!

  • Bob

    He most definately works out. BUT I would not consider him as a good looking man. He has a rough appearance. The numberious tattoos are a real turn-off for me. It seems that there was no rhyme or reason for the type of tattoo o r its placement on his body. It looks random. With all the great young guys you featured this guy is not one of your best.

  • I think he is SEX itself! Yeah!

  • Muckluck

    This movie has TWO hotties. The guy who appears in the last couple caps is also a major hottie.

    You need to get this film. VERY entertaining. Very action packed. And the beefcake quotient is off the charts.

  • Psiwire

    Yeah unfortunately the other guy never takes his shirt off.

  • OK since I left my note earlier (like two hours ago), I watched the movie. I agree with Muckluck.

    If you like action and don’t mind subtitles (unless you are fluent in French), this movie rocks…! All the stunts are real, no wires, no computer…

    Besides, look up David Belle. He is not just movie actor, he is a founder of Parkour and a true athlete.

    ps. I’m wondering if the tattoos are there just for the movie, could be wash-off.

  • phil

    Sepatated at birth…Eric Balfor/David Belle…

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  • KarmaLysing

    David Bell (no “e”) has about two real tattoos. The rest were fakes for the movie. His co-star (the also-retardedly-hot-blond) is one of Bell’s first disciples in Parkour, and has been a stunt man on numerous films. His name is Cyril Raffaelli.

    I have hoped for some time the insanely hot Mr. Bell would make another movie, as he is a natural actor, and… um… Nimble… Really, REALLY… Nimble…

    I posted a bunch of pics of David Bell on the Forum about a year ago. I’ve lusted after his cute little Gallic ass for some time.

  • Psiwire

    It’s spelled Belle both in the movie and on IMDB.

  • KarmaLysing

    Interesting, because on his website, it’s “Bell”, and on IMDb, it used to be spelled both ways, with “Belle” in parentheses.

  • Chyna

    He looks like Jeremy Piven in the 6th picture from the top (or the one where he is looking in the mirror) I think it must be the eyes but he’s still nice looking!

  • Ane

    I love he…

  • Addie

    There is now a sequel to District B-13, it is called “Banlieue 13-U” … in English, “Disctrict B-13 Ultimatum”

  • Thais

    Oh, I saw that sequel. It totally rocks! You should see it too. sz

    David and Cyril are really hot, btw.

  • pia

    i really think this guy is hot. He really got that beautiful eyes

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  • bertha

    david belle was casted for the film for his awesomeness of parkour, the moves he does in the movie aren’t impossible for i have see people do them and also done them myself.

  • ellouise sharpley

    david belle is awesome, damn, can he move???? i haven’t yet seen d13, but have watched d13-u, in french, as the english dub sounded so rubbish,it totally ruined the quality and the feel of the film being as the accents were not suited to the charachters.if its to be watched, french is best. and um, david belle is sex on legs! his physique, face and even the way he walks is gorgeous!

  • marioo

    Does anybody know what the Chinese/Japanese tattoo on his back stand for, or what it means?

  • mt

    Help me here: Why would a perfectly good looking, in-shape man deface his body with so many stupid tats…?

  • Raveck

    sorry,I’m french and don’t talk English very well. David Belle are a desportist,he live in Lisses. He is a very very nice guy,quite but a nice guy. He is worked on more films,but in small participations. Cyril Raffaelli is a friend of David, they are realy good in Parkour. But the David’s father has the fundatour of Parkour,an David show the Parkour for world. For the womens that like David,all the tattoo are real,and all the tattoos have a porpose,and he is a real athlet. Oh and Cyril Raffaelli,apears shirtless in one scene of the film. It is this. For more informations http://www.davidbelle.com

  • sonia-x

    i’ve just watched B13 with my friend, who’s done years of martial arts, about 2 weeks ago…he thought it’d be a good movie to watch. after the first freerunning scene my jaw dropped!!! david is a freakin talent!!! ever since, i got the movie and we’re planning to watch B13-U in french of course (no trust in english translation whatsoever) and invite people over. after watching B13 i feel like i need to jump to places…this movie’s a real motivator to do some workout, and i’m a VERY LAZY girl myself. and in brackets, fangirl time, david’s super-duper hot, too!!

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