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Jamie Bell is one of those young guys that pretty much everyone agrees is a cutey, so when I came across this scene in “Nicholas Nickleby” I just had to share. I’m not sure how caps from this movie haven’t managed to wind up in the “Hot, Sweaty And In Trouble” thread running in the forum, because it seems to be the perfect candidate. I think Jamie’s hottest features in these pics (besides his adorable face, of course) are his arms and his back, two areas which I wouldn’t generally rank among my favorites, but which look really exceptional here.

  • sassywench

    Oh my goodness!! Those are hot!! Can you elaborate on just what is happening in the scene? Was he flogged or just strung up and taunted. Hot scenes nonetheless! Whoo!!

  • Psiwire

    Jamie’s character, Smike, had run away from the hellish boarding school where he was being used basically as a slave, but he was caught and brought back to be beaten. But he’s rescued by Charlie Hunnam’s Nicholas Nickleby before any real harsh punishment can be inflicted. Unfortunately, in true Dickens style, things still don’t end well for Smike.

  • Okay apparently I’m still here. I remember watching Nicholas Nickleby and I was definitely not drooling over Charlie Hunnam (title character). This torcher scene was as hot as it can get, and I couldn’t think of no one better to play Smike other than Jamie! Not sure how many times I’ve said this but another GREAT post by Psi. I have a few *mature* hotness to feature when I get back!

  • jay

    Wow that Charles Dickens was kinky.

    leggo my poor smike!

  • Insight646

    These pictures are so frustrating. There’s a distance shot of his body above the waist, and the more detailed close-ups are void of a better perspective, such as seeing his nipples in context of his chest. I’d also love to see his armpit hair more clearly (for me, that’s one of a guy’s sexiest parts that can often be seen publicly).

  • Rick

    Torture scenes…. wow. Love the actor. Would love to dream of being there in the scene. Dont know if i’d be the torturer of the hero. HHMMMMM
    What do ya think, guys????

  • QCNiceGuy

    It is an excellent movie that has been overlooked. Jamie Bell is great and I love Charlie Hunnam as Nicholas. A very hot man!

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  • Melissa

    Jamie Bell has this.. something.. He’s gorgeous nonetheless and extermely, EXTREMELY SEXY… WOW….

  • Amber Copplestone

    what film is this??? is it undertow???
    or not?
    get bk to me plz
    he is sooooooooo hot hot hot in all of these pics
    love yhoo jamie bell xxxx

  • If you bother to read the actual post, you’ll know. 😉 We have Jamie from Undertow here.

  • Natalie


    I’m sad that he isn’t on this website. FOR SERIOUS!
    He’s a BAMF

  • theduckhunter

    now if only he was naked! like in Hallam

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  • Baseball 12

    Oh at the things…….! That’s all I’m going to say.

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