John Paul Pitoc

John Paul Pitoc Shirtless

This is a super-long post. Don’t blame me, blame J.P.’s parents for making him so ridiculously hot.

You might recognize John Paul Pitoc from the numerous TV guest spots and commercials he’s been doing over the last couple of years. If you’ve seen him without his shirt he’s hard to forget. I don’t like the shaggy hair look he sports in the newer pics, but the trimmer build and tattoo are hot. These caps are from two sources: “Six Feet Under”, which is one of my favorite television shows of all time, and “Trick” one of my favorite movies. Both are highly recommended. “Trick” is notable not only for introducing us to John Paul, but also for cementing the love affair between Tori Spelling and the Gays.

John Paul Pitoc Shirtless


John Paul Pitoc

  • Lee21


  • Muckluck

    He’s an amazing actor. Beautiful guy. And from what I hear a really sweek guy. In other words, amazing.

  • sassywench

    Nice from head to toe!

  • KarmaLysing

    He’s like Justin Long’s ever-so-slightly hotter, separated-at-birth twin!!!


    W A N T!!1!!11!!!

  • Great spotlight on one the hottest young actors period. I can’t decide which look I like better: The lean look or the more beefy one…either way he is quite a Trick.

  • Love the hairy chest; too bad we couldn’t have pictures of it before he massacred his torso with that montsrocity (literally!)

  • deej

    I loved the movie “Trick” and of course loved him in it.
    That said…the way he looked in “Six Feet Under” made him look like a dork in trick! He was SO hot in that…the tattoo…letting his torso hair grow back…the attitude that needed adjusting…what a package he was.
    I also agree, “Trick…one of my very favorite gay movies, and “Six Feet Under”…well, I still haven’t gotten over it not being on any more.

  • kris keller

    So much hotter with the limited body hair & the faux tats

  • QCNiceGuy

    Loved him in Six Feet but I really would love a short of him hairy and no ink. He would be spectacular!

  • KarmaLysing

    Good news for the non-ink lovers… Unless it was EXTREMELY FRESH (in which case he’d have no body hair there) the ink was fake.

    I personally don’t think it detracts from how screamingly hot he is in those shots.

  • hairy man lover

    love him with the hairy chest.

  • I am shocked when I first see him ,sexy and handsome,sort of angel ……by the way I am a chinese student,can i ask if there is any program like msn to chat with you Americans?especially the —-gays.thanks

  • I know a gay-video called ,it’s really hot ,produced by “falcon”,recommend it to it’s fans! Aha,any one wants to make friend with me—-a Chinese boy!

  • John pitoc as mark is a spitting image of my boyfriend cesar…lol ya babez n tatoos….hair no hair doesnt matter love him because hes so hott…sexiii all around…i would fuck he wasnt my boyfriend…note i said he was a spitting image of my boy friend…lol

  • michael

    This man is the most beautiful actor of the past ten years. He aged like a fine wine and we still have to look at these tired cruises and pitts and clooneys and be told what real beauty is. We are so easily swayed by what they tell us. Well at least I know how to make up my own mind. What happened to him in the past couple years anyway. I will hire him!!!! lol

  • Brian

    John Paul is so hot

  • weidong

    i really like you
    but you will be more handsome if he cut his hair.just like in (trick)
    i am your fans from China.
    happy new year.

  • Pain

    please come with me forever.
    I will give you anysthing my love.
    Never falling day,my heart full up,so love,love,love.
    It’s my dream!

  • thats man is very nice, i’m very hotting
    that’s for to day
    bye bye

  • Ivan

    I like him, his eyes.

  • just saw trick on logo and feel madly intrigue with the character he portrayed. logo should sign him up since people can’t get enpugh with him. hope and pray for the best for him. mahalo john sncerely john

  • Bravse

    I only want to say !

    I love you forever !

    Your fan!

  • Albert

    hot hot hot

    the time when i watch the movie i almost fall in love with Mark

  • Alistair

    Yes… John Paul Pitoc is hot, especially in his short hair. I have fallen in love with him since the movie ‘Trick’.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010.


  • nilesh

    really sexaad!

  • Alex

    I only have a couple of things to say. This guy is the most handsome man I have ever seen on t.v. He has beautiful eyes, incredible hot body and a sexy smile that kills. In other words I am crazy about him. I wouldn’t mind to have an affair with you (jajajaja.) Yeah sure !

    Baby si tu hablas español serias mi sueño hecho realidad. Eres super caliente, no dejo de pensar en ti desde que vi tu pelicula en Trick. Creo que eres una verdadera estrella. Mi estrella. Besos.

  • Dandre

    After seeing Trick on logo I fell in love with him. I can’t get enough of him cause hes just so hot and sweet. Wish i could get something like that.

  • Arthur

    I like the hairier chest but I hope that tattoo isn’t real?

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