Andre Birleanu

Andre Birleanu Shirtless

My problem with models is that while they’re usually pretty (it’s kind of in their job description), they’re rarely what I would call sexy. That’s definitely not the case with Andre Birleanu, who you may know as the only reason to have watched “America’s Most Smartest Model” on VH1. He’s cocky and conceited and aggressive, all of which I find extremely hot. And if anybody has the body to backup their conceit, it’s probably Andre. I know it’s wrong, but Andre is the type of guy you’d be willing to play ‘Ike & Tina’ with, at least for a couple of weeks, because you know it would probably be the best sex you’d ever get. So while he’s probably not America’s smartest model, he may well be the hottest. And I have to admit I’m a little obsessed. My new fantasy is that I win the lottery and pay Andre to stand around my house all day without his shirt on and yell at me. Preferably in Russian.

  • David

    He’s gross.

  • me

    greatt body, but he’d have to wear a mask!

  • Jon

    Meh, not my type, I don’t like the guys who know how good they look and feel like it is a privilege to know them. I like a guy who is modest. Plus he is too muscular, and cocky looking.

  • bateman

    I watched him on that model show and he looked ten times better with the shaved head. The bleached blonde hair is a little to much for my taste, but there is no denying he has a hot body. I think the accent makes the arrogance ok. the winner was just as arrogant and more my type, but for some reason the arrogance worked against him.

  • I agree he looked better with shaved head and his natural hair color, not exactly my type of guys but that body… Good heavens.

  • Darice

    Oh I would do him in a heartbeat!! He was so HOT on that show….I would totally love taking him down a notch or two 🙂

  • Lala

    He has a great bid and he is HOT!!! But I don’t like his face.

  • Lala


  • Lala

    He’s a male moddel! But does that make him gay? IBecause a lot of male moddels are gay.

  • mv

    Awesome body, but nothing from the neck up.. His lips look like someone hit him really really hard.

  • lucylu

    hey hey this guy is sexy and i would do him

  • andre

    well looks like my fans are truly amazing people…
    want to thank you… for putting this together in my name and this is a token of my thanks to you..

    thank you very much.. by the way.. you dont have to win the lottery to have my friends and i around… just keep in contact an whenever we are in you city or you are in ours we will all meet up …
    also… i see many don’t like my face because i look like a fighter.. well fcukers.. i am a man.. and men fight and bleed not much of a Barby playing type of guy… so with that said.. shut up.. drool over the lop top and leave my fans alone.. they are far advanced then any of you… what have you done lately to become immortal ??

    my fans are my family.. no really… i reply to every single one of them.. as you well see…


  • Milton

    Well I for one think that Andre IS sexy! Both his body, & his face. He’s got that rugged, unconventional look that’s alright by me.

  • Wow… If that’s really you, Andre (I’d like to think it is we’ve had actual hotties commented before), then thanks SO much for stopping by. Don’t let anyone put you down and all the best for your career!

  • Gunther

    Oh wow…Did Andre really cmmnt up there?

  • Andre If you comment again leave place to contact you ie/myspace or hotmail or own website. Plus I have a question for you that sounds like I am hitting on you but I am not! First let me address a few of the folks that put down your face and ex[ressions, “you suck” first you are cruel and second it is in the eyw of the beholder personally mostof you would die to look like him for his photogenic qualities and second he is very handsome. I may not always like his expressions but you look at the eyes and they hold not only beauty but soul and emotions that a photographer looks for and that mouth people pay a fortune for lips like those, I bet many lovely lady has enjoyed the feel and taste of them, Last but not least that body is as lean (body fat count) as could possible be and yet remain muscular and supple looking skin which says he takes care of it!

  • Andre I was not finished one question for you have you ever done artistic nudes and I am not talking porn show you genetalia but siloetes and rear shots I would love to draw you in charchoal and as much and I could see without having to show me you manhood unless you wanted it included, I would love to see. I wish this blog would give you my email so you could let me know they would have my permission to give it to you, Love Ya! Dude and you should have won although the horses but who did is goodlooking and will probably make a living at it if he keeps his mouth shut about things he doesnt know TAKE CARE

  • Sam

    Hey Andre…I am a fan so reply to me! I was just wondering if you have anything else coming up yet, like on TV or a magazine. I think you need to update your website a little more with more pictures and stuff.

  • sweetiepie

    he’s ok in some pictures

  • Hazellister

    Hey Andre..!! i Love u.!! ure the best VJ its an asshole.!! But eighter u won for me ure a winner, and ure so sexy baby..!! Ure my fantasy to..!! Ure a great model.!! lov u.!!

  • diego

    hey, andre is an amazin male model, whata bout his face? just because he hasn´t a girly face? like zac efron or whatever of them, asswholes he got it all it´s all about personality and actitutd. Andre IS MY MAN, he is a man not a queery one like most of them, he is tough love it, hugs man. KEEP GOING KEEP GOING!

  • gaby

    es muy mino este weon…. oh la cagoh…………. tay pa comerte enterito…

  • Alesondra

    LOL you ppl are Pathetic he is sooooooooo fine ong he fine lol is bosy is amazing me thinks its bets body ever wow but i do agree he does look better with shaved hair grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Andre u sexy russian

  • Luna

    He is SO hot.

    He has all the perfect men attributes. And also juicy lips! Are you kidding me?!!!!

    ANDRE. I’m all yours baby!!!! Did you see his hands! OMG!!! he’s the hottest!!!! The way he can move , the expressions …. These eyes! I love him

    He’s UBER hot!

    Not even Jesus was liked by everybody as we all know.

    But Andre , he’s like a incorporation of what a men should be! The world needs Andre!!!! He’s definetely the hottest men I’ve came across! #1

  • MIka a MM scout

    Ugly as sin. With strange body proportion ratio to boot. If he’s a male model, he must not be a very successful one as I’ve never seen him on a single LA/NY/Paris runaway much less any fashion magazine editorials.

  • rocket

    Hello team this is a tip for your entire team, on the America Smartest Model Andre Birleanu, whom you guys featured quite a few times in your material… he has done the Hamilton watches campaign only to be recently replaced by none other then Harrison Ford, he was all over the screens in World Cup 2010 in Africa as he was doing the Miller beer campaign who was the main sponsor, he has shot with Robert de Niro, and has been named the new Marlon Brandon by the Italian news and reporters, considered to be part of the new wave of great actors to emerge from capital of the world New York City, he just replaced World Heavy Weight Champion Mike Tyson in french fighting brand Boxeur des Rues, that is actually based in Italy, he also just done the Iconic brand campaign in Dubai, United Arab Emirates… And guess what ?? he is the founder of Supreme Rocket Productions, a worldwide production company, and his first contract as a producer was the cover and main fashion editorial of famous L’Officiel Magazine … and he used for the cover none other then his beautiful wife Ana Catharina Soares Jaqueira, who is also the mother of their newly born child, a blue eyed Russian Brasillian little girl named Eva Sofia Birleanu …. For all the details check his name in wikipedia but also at word has it that he is in Brazil now shooting Guess Jeans Campaign, were he ALSO has openned the geat “Ambassador” restaurant in the heart of bohemian Rio Vermelho in Salvador de Bahia..but he’s definitely growing and leaves silly things behind… he has been named one of the hottest man on television, and the show that he made with Vh1, was actually sold to sister company MTV, who’s under the same Viacom umbrella, and MTV who is worldwide, took it in no less then 32 countries, until this day the show is still showing, the ratings we’re really good so they kept selling it, giving him fans all over the world from the strangest backgrounds.. he just been interviewed in Australia, Ukraine, United Emirates and Italy.

    Best day and weekend, take a look below

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