Andre Birleanu

Andre Birleanu Shirtless

My problem with models is that while they’re usually pretty (it’s kind of in their job description), they’re rarely what I would call sexy. That’s definitely not the case with Andre Birleanu, who you may know as the only reason to have watched “America’s Most Smartest Model” on VH1. He’s cocky and conceited and aggressive, all of which I find extremely hot. And if anybody has the body to backup their conceit, it’s probably Andre. I know it’s wrong, but Andre is the type of guy you’d be willing to play ‘Ike & Tina’ with, at least for a couple of weeks, because you know it would probably be the best sex you’d ever get. So while he’s probably not America’s smartest model, he may well be the hottest. And I have to admit I’m a little obsessed. My new fantasy is that I win the lottery and pay Andre to stand around my house all day without his shirt on and yell at me. Preferably in Russian.

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