David Beckham 2

David Beckham Shirtless in Armani Ads

As much as I love adorkables and unconventional hotness, I can’t avoid from drooling over the overrated mainstream deliciousness that is David Beckham. I’m weak I know. These Armani ads featuring his somewhat questionable manpacket are posted EVERYWHERE on the internet and as usual, I don’t care. It’s good to have the previous and latest shots merged into one page, and although it’s obvious he’s been Photoshopped to hell, I’d still would very much like to have one of these as a wallpaper in my bedroom so he can, uhm, brighten up my mornings. You know, because wallpapers don’t speak and all.

One thing though, the abs hair seems to be less in the new shots. Razor or Photoshop? You decide.

David Beckham Shirtless

See? Nice coverage.

David Beckham Shirtless

David Beckham Shirtless

David Beckham Shirtless

Yeap, still there.

David Beckham Shirtless

David Beckham Shirtless

Newer shots. Not a big fan of the happy trail because I’d like to do some exploration rather than have a marked path, ESPECIALLY manmade. Ergh, can’t you just let nature take its course? Anyways…

David Beckham Shirtless

David Beckham Shirtless

David Beckham Shirtless

David Beckham Shirtless


  • I have seen a picture of it in all of it’s uncut glory. It is most DEFINITELY

  • hairy man lover

    I love happy trails and licking down them to find what is there. Sounds like David’s is worth the trail. Why do men shave their hair or trails? Hair, wherever it is, is so hot!

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  • Psiwire

    I agree that he’s been heavily photoshopped. He never looks this good when he’s just out somewhere with his shirt off.

  • Personally, I like him a lot better with longer hair. I’m sure he’s going after that “butch” look, which is not really working if you still have the voice of Minnie Mouse!

  • KarmaLysing

    Re: Marine “High and Tight” haircuts and the voice of Minnie Mouse…

    Don’t harsh his groove!!! Man… What’s WRONG with you people!!! (ROFLMAO).

  • nicole

    Omg!!!!!!! David Beckham is sooooooooooooooooo hot and delicious. I am especially grateful for those closeups. Oh such a hot body with a face to match aand that accent youm yum yum.

  • nicole

    i wanna see uncut glory!

  • Arthur@

    The wedding band makes him even hotter!!

  • deedee

    Victoria Beckham hit the effing jackpot,

    the sexy sexy hot ass jackpot

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  • hes fine

  • jj

    OMG! I dnt care wat anybody says! He is effin HOT!

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