David Moscow

David Moscow Shirtless

David Moscow is one of those odd-faced guys ( ala Ben Foster or Adrien Brody ) that still manages to be kind of sexy. I came across these images of David when I was capping Gregory Smith in “Nearing Grace” and thought the scene with David in the kiddie pool was particularly hot. I knew he looked familiar, but I couldn’t place him until I visited the trusty old IMDB. He sure has changed a lot since “Newsies”. Does anybody have any idea what the male equivalent of a ‘butterface’ would be?

David Moscow Shirtless

  • Alex M.

    Damn HOT.

  • Mmm… This is one of the hottest unconventional guys I’ve seen. The one in the kiddie pool is especially hot!

  • jay

    My inner Newsies childhood just got raped. And it liked it.

  • mumuminal

    I could join him in those blue pants. There is a place for at least two…

  • Andy

    He also was the young Tom Hanks in “Big” and was engaged to Kerry Washington at one time.

  • deej

    I love a guy in overalls, and nothing else. Sexy…enticing…and unusual. A great combo.

  • Milton

    I always thought he was cute & unconventially sexy. Wish I was with him in that kiddie pool. Wet cotton on a guy is always sexy!

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  • Milton

    MY…GOD! Those pictures of David Moscow in the kiddie pool…just too hot!!Please post them again, only next time, make pictures BIGGER!!! David Moscow in wet,white long johns, clinging to his sinewy body. I always thought he had(has) unconventionally sexy looks. I’m gonna swoon.

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