Eric Balfour in Lie With Me

Eric Balfour Shirtless in Lie With Me

I’ve always thought that Eric Balfour was sexy, but he obviously thinks so too, because he certainly isn’t shy about putting his bits and pieces on display. The movie I capped here, “Lie With Me” is pretty big on the sex and nudity (actually that’s pretty much the whole film), so there’s a lot more of Eric to see in the movie than I could safely post here. So if you want to see more (and I know you do) I suggest you check it out.

Eric Balfour Shirtless in Lie With Me

Eric Balfour Shirtless in Lie With Me

Eric Balfour Shirtless in Lie With Me

Eric Balfour Shirtless in Lie With Me

Eric Balfour Shirtless in Lie With Me

  • KarmaLysing

    He was pretty hot in “24”, but dogMADD!!!!!

  • sassywench

    I have heard about this movie! I read somewhere that in one scene the actress actually masturbates him on camera–totally unplanned! He’s cute but I saw on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake DVD special feature that he has horrible body odor and doesn’t wear deodorant. I could handle it though if he was fresh out of the shower.

  • Rick G

    He’s not my fav in looks. But always loved his nipples. At least theyre large enough for breakfast and lunch…. Oh my did I say that?

  • Metcalfe

    Balfour is incredibly sexy…he has that combination good guy/bad guy vibe, his body is amazing, and he just exudes sexiness….I’ve always been turned on every time I saw him – even with his clothes on…but with them off, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    This movie is full of great Balfour moments…and you do see ALL of Balfour in this movie quite a bit.

    It’s not a great movie at all (some find it to be an arty movie but outside of the lonliness both of the lead characters feel, it has pretty wooden characterization and minimal plot) but it has a lot of Balfour…and that’s really the only reason (and a great one) to watch…..

  • Dewey Mee

    I thought Eric was in the remake of “Texas Chainsaw Masacre”. I knew I recognized him from somewhere. Now I’ll never forget his big, delicious, sexy nipples!!!!!!!

  • hairy man lover

    He is hot and does have large delicious nipples.

  • wildog

    i agree that he may not be the best looking guy, but those nipples are definitely hot!

  • Thomas Galusha

    I FAINTED when I saw the movie!….LOL

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  • Tanya

    This guy makes me so wet I love him in this movie. I could care less what the movie was about

  • putita

    he is deliciouss!! and his nipples!! oh my god he is so exquisite , in that movi lie with me the actress suck his dick!! mmmmmmmmmmmmm i would like to suck him.. not just the dick the hole fucking body! im so wet right now!

  • Pete

    OK, it’s unanimous. Despite the absence of chest hair, we can all join in admiration of Eric’s erotic nipples. There’s something about a guy whose nips rise a bit above the level of the surrounding chest, at least in a warm room. After all, if one only has one ornament (or one two-part set of ornaments, rather) to the chest, it needs to be good.

  • sexybeast31

    I think Eric is so fucking hot! He’s good guy/bad guy which is such a turn on, I could definitely work with him in the bedroom

  • iamskwishi

    This guy is absolutely delicious! I never get tired of seeing his nude body in Lie with Me, especially that delectable ass of his. Wow… I read somewhere that he’s a nudist and was brought up in a nudist colony, which is why he loves showing off that luscious body of his. What I wouldn’t give to have Eric wandering around my apartment, always naked. I wouldn’t be able to restrain myself from grabbing those cheeks and munching away!

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