Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill Shirtless

If there’s an award for “Hottest Male Transformation of The Year”, I’d have to hand it to Henry Cavill. From cutesy generic English boy to super hot Renaissance stud with chest hair to die for, it’s amazing how some scruff and a few months years could do. Although I didn’t actually watch “The Tudors”, Henry Cavill might be the reason to do so. I personally think Jonathan Rhys Meyers was a tad overrated, and the eyes can get pretty crazy at times. I’d still do him in a heartbeat tho.

These are from I believe pre-Tudors headshots of Henry Cavill, where chest hair was definitely not an asset as we can see on his shirtless self. In contrast, I’ve included the latest promo shots from new season of “The Tudors”, which showcases this boy as a ticking sex bomb. Free thy chest, Henry! Let the hair roam free!

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill Shirtless

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill Shirtless

Henry Cavill Shirtless

Henry Cavill Shirtless

Unflattering, huh? Now feed on this!

Henry Cavill in The Tudors

Henry Cavill in The Tudors

Henry Cavill in The Tudors

Is it just me or Henry Cavill looks 20 times better than Jonathan Rhys Meyers here?

Henry Cavill in The Tudors

Henry Cavill in The Tudors

Henry Cavill in The Tudors

Henry Cavill in The Tudors

Henry Cavill Dunhill Ad

  • Psiwire

    A lot of the guys on “The Tudors” are hot. I’ve tried t cap the show, but it won’t play on my computer for some reason. I think Henry looks better smooth and shaven.

  • David

    DAMN!! Toss some man butter over him in that picture infront of the chess board and throw him to me now!!!! I could eat him up hole!!!!!

  • Yeah, I think it took someone who watched the show to appreciate the beautiful guys they have in there.

  • jeff

    i admit i like henry better than jonathon, but i’ve been in love with henry since he played a teenager in “the count of monte cristo”

  • Bob

    I agree that Jonathon is way overrated. Those eys are too much.
    Honestly I prefer Henry clean shaven but either way he is a hot guy to follow. Hopefully he will continue to show us what he is made of.

  • Metcalfe

    Cavill is HOT on the Tudors…his face, his chest, his butt…. his sex scenes are usually the most intense (love the one in the first episode first season – it was as close to porn as you can get with “respectable” actors). Harry or Smooth, he’s yummy.

    I like Jonathan as well – nice body but there’s a danger in his eyes that just makes him sexy as hell…..

  • KarmaLysing

    Oh. My. Effin’. GODS… You’re batting a thousand, here, Square…

  • Me

    FYI, I help run a site for Henry, those first pictures were taken when Count of Monte Cristo came out. He was 18 or 19 when they were taken. The newer ones were taken last year in October as promo shots for The Tudors, he is 25 now. So he has become more manly in the last 6 years, that is how he looks now before he didn’t have hair yet so he didn’t shave.

  • hairy man lover

    Damn, he is hot. Prefer the hairy chest but he is hot either way. Thanks.

  • Thanks, Me! I mean not myself, but “Me” above. I should have done a bit more research on those but glad you came to the rescue!

  • Dewey Mee

    Well, I’m in LOVE/LUST with Henry Cavill. Those pics. of him lying suggestively on what looks like a bathroom or tile floor got me going; but then to scroll down and see the pics. with his shirt open to his perfect navel!!!!! Needless to say, I’m GLAD I stopped by today. I NEED those pics. for my wallpaper! Don’t ever leave me, Henry!!!! And Squarehippies– You’ve DONE IT AGAIN– showcasing yet ANOTHER MIRACLE MAN I would not have seen otherwise. THANKS FOR POSTING AND CREATING THIS SITE!!!!! Amen.

  • pchan

    He’s so much hotter with hair on his face and chest.

  • Jamie

    Henry is incredibly hot. I love chest hair, but he was way hot pre-hairiness. I think I need to see the Tudors!

  • sassywench

    Another blockbuster, Square!!!! He is great head (and hairy chest) to toe! I love the shot on bathroom floor!

  • LibertyHunk

    He loves to put his hand in his cave of wonders but it would have been much great if he was completely shirtless in his young-aged pictures but still I got satisfied with his all (The Tudors)pictures.One thing more I wish he would had pose shirtless in picture 11th.
    I give this handsome
    9 out of 10

  • Audra

    I totally agree with you, my very dear Squarehippies; to be quite honest, I didn’t know who he was, and THEN, I did some research and found out that THAT SUPER HOT man from The Tudors was that boy from Montecristo. The transformation is outstanding. He looks SO beautiful, HOT and MASCULINE now… LOVE HIM.

  • he looks like a mature version of hayden christensen..kudos to squarehippies!!!! xoxo


    Henry should of been Henry VIII!!! And i had no idea he was the sex on legs man in the Dunhill add!

  • Rad

    nice. love the hairy pix the best tho!

  • nicole

    i certainly agree. men need more time as do women to grow into themselves. and oh my is he a hottie. forget the king i want the right hand man. im mad i missed the tudors this season too.

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  • Bruno

    I watched the both seasons of the Tudors , and I thought that Henry would do a better Henry VIII but then , I paid attention and noticed that he doesn´t have the crazy eyes the Jonathan has and the character requires ….He´s the hot guy on the show , but not the best actor …


  • to be a pawn in his hand………….heavenly……..

  • batman

    He is very hot

  • lusty

    henry is so much hotter than jonathan! henry is so handsome and his body is…perfect!

  • Chris Moss
  • len

    well square, you are wrong. henry looks 40 TIMES BETTER then jonathan rhys meyers

  • vanhenry71

    I so agree with Ien! This is One hot piece of male! Off to the cold showers!

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