James McAvoy

James McAvoy Shirtless

Although my favorite movie where James McAvoy appears sans shirt is “Children of Dune”, I figured most people had seen caps of that already, so I decided to cap two of what I’m sure are James’ lesser watched films. First up is “Becoming Jane” a period piece (yawn) where James plays the forbidden love interest of Anne Hathaway (double yawn) in the titular role of Jane Austin. While the movie was dull, James does manage to get his shirt off in a couple of scenes and even gives us a fleeting butt-shot. The second film is “The Last King Of Scotland”. James plays doctor to a ruthless dictator. While the movie is dark material, it’s worth watching just because James has a couple really good scenes with plenty of nudity. I particularly liked him in his 70’s era short-shorts.

Since Mr. McAvoy doesn’t seem to have any aversion to taking his clothes off I think it’s safe to assume they’ll be more posts of him in the future. His current movie, “Wanted”, looks particularly promising.

“Becoming Jane”

James McAvoy Shirtless

“The Last King Of Scotland”

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