James McAvoy

James McAvoy Shirtless

Although my favorite movie where James McAvoy appears sans shirt is “Children of Dune”, I figured most people had seen caps of that already, so I decided to cap two of what I’m sure are James’ lesser watched films. First up is “Becoming Jane” a period piece (yawn) where James plays the forbidden love interest of Anne Hathaway (double yawn) in the titular role of Jane Austin. While the movie was dull, James does manage to get his shirt off in a couple of scenes and even gives us a fleeting butt-shot. The second film is “The Last King Of Scotland”. James plays doctor to a ruthless dictator. While the movie is dark material, it’s worth watching just because James has a couple really good scenes with plenty of nudity. I particularly liked him in his 70’s era short-shorts.

Since Mr. McAvoy doesn’t seem to have any aversion to taking his clothes off I think it’s safe to assume they’ll be more posts of him in the future. His current movie, “Wanted”, looks particularly promising.

“Becoming Jane”

James McAvoy Shirtless

“The Last King Of Scotland”

  • LibertyHunk

    He needs to put on a little more weight and he must also start working on his muscles then he would look great and one more thing he must also do great movies not like(Becoming Jane!!!!)
    So I am sorry James I have to give you
    3 out of 10

  • pchan

    I LOVE the slim and toned look.

  • I think James looks just fine in these, but have you seen the pictures of his shirtless scenes in Wanted? My goodness! He obviously spent some time in the gym for that one!

  • j-flu

    mmmmm….. yummy

  • Jamie

    While not hairy, James is probably my favorite movie actor right now. He is just so cute, I could eat him up!

  • KarmaLysing

    Love, love, love, love, LOVE the freckles on his back and chest!!!

    He’s so damned hot, it’s almost scary. Oh, and the blond to his left in those couple shots from “becoming Jane” isn’t exactly chopped liver, either, incidentally…

  • Psiwire

    That’s Joe Anderson from “Across The Universe”. He’s in a previous post with Jim Sturgess.

  • KarmaLysing

    Thanks, Psi… Can I just have the two of them? Is that greedy of me?

  • Jay

    And he was in Band of– oh you know the drill by now.

    He really shouldn’t bulk up too much, he’s a lithe guy and that’s his natural body type.

  • chp

    I’ve liked James McAvoy since I first saw him in “Last King of Scotland”. He’s charming, handsome, cute and apparently a great guy. I just saw him on Letterman or some show and his Scottish accent is unforgettable. Thanks for the great pics.

  • I agree with Jay, some guys look better bulky but a natural body on a guy like Jason Sudeikis is something worth salivating for. This one is no exception.

  • Joshua

    Bravo! James McAvoy is amazing.

  • Randall

    I’ve loved him since his small role in “Band of Brothers.” He was also on Jon Stewart the other night. Can’t wait to see “Wanted.” Thanks for posting the pics.

  • You must see wanted, squarehippies… I thought James was hot in the Last King of Scotland and Atonement, but Wanted just took it to another level.

    James is officially a leading man now in my book.

  • MMmmmmmm….Jame’s….OH JAME’S!!!! Yep Mr McAVoy is one damn fine specimen!!! Weather he’s nicely toned(DUNE…BECOMING JANE and of course the new movie WANTED) or nice and natural (LAST KING OF SCOTLAND…NARNIA) he’s still a HOTTIE!!! And yeah Karmalysing, love those inticing freckles on his shoulders and back….I just wanna KISS each one of them!!! Squarehippies-keep up the GREAT work!!!!

  • Josh

    The first Narnia, Atonement, Penelope, and now Wanted….the list goes on…I can’t get enough of this man. He is very hot. Thanks for the post.

  • J-boy

    If anyone watched “Shameless” on the Sundance channel, you would have seen James in ALL his glory!! What a hottie!

  • Henry

    Just saw him shirtless in “Wanted” and he looked SO HOT! Much better than in these two movies.

  • winstonsalemdude

    re “Shameless”: uh, you gotta watch his crotch in this series. the dude is packin’. oh yeah, he’s a great actor too. but wow check the basket…

  • Natalie

    please please pleeease put caps up from WANTED as soon as you can because his body was un-effing-believable I almost fell out of my seat…it was a beautiful moment

  • biggyellowfish

    James McAvoy in Shakespeare: Retold Macbeth … a BBC original … total shirtlessness in the first 10 minutes WAY better than this.

  • Michael Greenwaldt

    James is the hottest guy out there, IMO. And he does not need to bulk up. He looks just fine the way he is. Not to say that he didn’t make me drool in WANTED, but really I’ll take him any way I can get him. I think he looks yummy in everything (on SHAMELESS, in PENELOPE, SCOTLAND, ATONEMENT, BECOMING JANE, etc…). He is sex on legs!

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