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Shirtless Jason Mraz in Undies and Brody Jenner

Let’s take a short break from all these mature hotness to ogle a couple of younger (but still furry) boys.
First off, orgasmic Jason Mraz. This is exactly the reason why he should do another shirtless (or nekkid) photo shoot pronto! WANT.

Jason Mraz Shirtless

Next, the biggest douchebag in Hollywood, Brody Jenner. Douche or not, I’d still do him in a heartbeat. Sassywench has an active post on him at our forums. Check them out!

Brody Jenner Shirtless

Brody Jenner Shirtless

Oh guess what? This site has been featured in Fleshbot! W00t! I’m so going to put this up in the “Reviews” section!!! Thanks a lot guys! Here’s the link to the post, extremely NSFW. Duh.


Did you guys see the new NKOTB videos yet? Joey looks hot, but it’s obvious I wanted Danny more than anyone. Actually grown men dancing in same outfit turned me on back in the 80s, now it’s a bit of a turnoff. Here’s the shirtless count:

Joey McIntyre – 1
Danny Wood – 1 (BIG tease)
Jordan Knight – 0
Jonathan Knight – 0
Donny Wahlberg – 1 (most exposure, should have give the op to Jordan instead)

  • Luvstoread

    One word for Jenner.. Yummy…

    That second pic shows something extra in the trunks. Polly want a woody!! tee hee hee

  • jay

    1) I’m glad Mraz ditched that lame high school look and decided to look his age. Or rather his record company decided to ditch the lame high school marketing campaign.

    2) Meh, hot, but if he’s a douche, not hot enough. I don’t know, I don’t watch MTV.

    3) oh my god.

  • ILuvguys

    Mr. Hottie Brody Jenner needs to lose the bird, but at least someone got the looks in that family, I was never much for his father. Does he do anything, other than just look hot and hang out at the beach all day long?
    All I gotta say is thank goodness he kept his “hairy” good looks! I am becomming more partial to that as I get older, but the hairless ones will probalby always be my faves, except for here Hippies! 😉

  • David

    What’s with Brody’s tat, looks stupid. If that to help him if he is ever found and can not speak, try an ID braclet.

  • hairy man lover

    Mraz—love him and those large, hairy nipples.

    Brody…..love his furry chest and that bulge.

  • KarmaLysing

    God DAMN, Donnie Wahlberg is aging well…

  • deej

    One word for the new NKOTB video…zzzzzzzzz.
    Don’t they really have anything else to do? Especially with those looks…some lame acting parts or something? I was embarrassed for them all.
    PS YES…Donnie is looking mighty fine!

  • sassywench

    I have to say Brody impresses me as one of the young hollywood types that actually keeps his chest hair.

    As for the NKOTB, who would have thought Joey would grow up to be so handsome!

  • max

    wow,Jason Mraz is sexy. me like,me like! lol

  • Psiwire

    Brody Jenner is hot … why is he famous, again?

    Although I was the right age for the New Kids the first time around, they just didn’t do anything for me. I was more of a Marky Mark boy, I guess.

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