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Shirtless Jason Mraz in Undies and Brody Jenner

Let’s take a short break from all these mature hotness to ogle a couple of younger (but still furry) boys.
First off, orgasmic Jason Mraz. This is exactly the reason why he should do another shirtless (or nekkid) photo shoot pronto! WANT.

Jason Mraz Shirtless

Next, the biggest douchebag in Hollywood, Brody Jenner. Douche or not, I’d still do him in a heartbeat. Sassywench has an active post on him at our forums. Check them out!

Brody Jenner Shirtless

Brody Jenner Shirtless

Oh guess what? This site has been featured in Fleshbot! W00t! I’m so going to put this up in the “Reviews” section!!! Thanks a lot guys! Here’s the link to the post, extremely NSFW. Duh.


Did you guys see the new NKOTB videos yet? Joey looks hot, but it’s obvious I wanted Danny more than anyone. Actually grown men dancing in same outfit turned me on back in the 80s, now it’s a bit of a turnoff. Here’s the shirtless count:

Joey McIntyre – 1
Danny Wood – 1 (BIG tease)
Jordan Knight – 0
Jonathan Knight – 0
Donny Wahlberg – 1 (most exposure, should have give the op to Jordan instead)

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