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Ryan Reynolds Shirtless in Blade: Trinity

I have about 500 movies in my collection that I haven’t gotten around to looking at yet and one of those was “Blade: Trinity”. I don’t know why I never watched it. I saw and enjoyed the other “Blade” movies and I knew Ryan Reynolds would manage to get his shirt off some time during it, but for whatever reason it went unwatched. So, in a panic to find things to cap for this week, I threw it in to see if there was enough Ryan skin to make a decent post. Well not only did Ryan show a lot of skin, but he was the only thing that made this crap-fest watch-able. How did somebody not manage to cap this before?!

I know this has probably been said in the other Ryan Reynolds posts, but it bares repeating: This is the hottest man on the planet! There are few instances where you can casually drop the term ‘god-like’ into conversation, but I think any discussion of Ryan’s body would be understated without it.

Ryan Reynolds Shirtless in Blade Trinity

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