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You would think that two hours of Steven Strait in a skimpy cave-man outfit would, by definition, make a movie watch-able, unfortunately in the case of “10,000 BC” it just isn’t enough to offset the rest of the pointless mess that’s happening on-screen. If you see this movie in the video store run, don’t walk, in the opposite direction. That being said, Steven is hot as ever in this part. He’s well-muscled, tan and his face is incredibly cute. He even manages to look good in dreds. Now if he could only manage to find his way into a half-decent movie.

Steven Strait Shirtless in 10000 BC

  • KarmaLysing

    …Find his way into a decent movie and get over his body-shaving/waxing addiction… That said… Yep, he’s hot.

  • sassywench

    Great body, but he would have been even more believable with his chest hair! I don’t think cavemen would have looked to fondly on the shaved chest look.

  • Psiwire

    Well they had woolly mammoths building the pyramids in this movie, so I don’t think believability was their top concern.

  • ROTFLMAO Lovin the pit shot! I agree this movie is quite absurd but hot nonetheless.

  • Absurd? That’s short… The movie was B-A-D, and yes, he’s pretty to look at, but that’s it. He’s a bad actor. I saw 25 minutes of the miovie and that’s it, i said to myself “you can’t get both things (good and pretty) in other movies, move on!!”

  • KarmaLysing

    Aww, c’mon… Sure, he’s no Depp, but he was good in “Sky High”! He’s a competent actor who tends to pick really, really bad scripts… LOL…

  • brisy

    yeah! leave the poor guy alone! i wish if i was lost in prehistoric times i wouldnt mind a hunk like steven to keep me company.
    i think he is a fab actor who, like every1 keeps saying, needs to find a decent script. hes not bad at rock music either
    he is an adorable cub if he didnt wax that torso drool!!!!!

  • Muckluck

    I freakin’ LOVED this movie. I went in with my expectations someplace near the core of the earth, and it was 100 percent pure cheese. But it was CHOICE cheese. And it was SO much fun seeing if they could keep the sillieness going, and they did!

    Is Steven a hot number? Absolutely. Did he look like a caveman? Only about as much as anybody has EVER really looked like a caveman. But does he give me a warm feeling. VERY nice on the eyes.

    And I believe he can act. Not much cnance to do it here. But there were a couple moments that really resonated.

  • well..all i can saay is about this guy..there is somethng about his aura and his inner that only few would actually notice..the first time i sa him on that many i watched it..he is a nice and extremely to the nth power hotness..gorgeous man i ever seen..well other actors are hot too..but steven is definitely my favorite..hope he would do lots of movie too..and look at my email add and user name..ive been using it long tym already..i got it from the movie..see..nothing more i can say.but..a big big ” oh My GOODNESS>>!!!!!!!!

  • Milton

    OK, so “10,000 BC” might not have been the best movie ever. Just ask the so-called experts above, who obviously lived through that time. But Steven Strait was shirtless through virtually the whole movie!!

  • Gregory

    Ok, so he has now found that good movie role. You must post his shirtless scenes from ‘City Island’. Hot, hot, hot!!

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