A Guest Hunkologist at Hunk Du Jour

OMG you guys one of our blogging partners (hint: he’s a cutie) has asked me to guest post on his hot website, Hunk du Jour. Let’s see…. So many to choose from. Hmm… I always thought the world could use more hot dorks (could I go another day without a mention?), so I present you my choice of uhm, “hunk” for the post…

John Krasinski

It’s John friggin’ Krasinski! Too obvious? You saw that one coming, right? He’s the first thing that came to mind. I couldn’t think of noone else. Is that a crime? In case someone think he didn’t fit in there along with the gorgeous near perfect beings, bare in mind that he is tall, delicious and hunky. Probably not as toned as Ryan Reynolds obviously but hunkalicious nonetheless! Anyways, here is the link to my post, check it out people!

p.s: I am working on a long-ish post on Matt Keeslar. Hold your drool please!

  • sassywench

    Congratulations on your guest spot!

  • Virtue

    Congratulations on your guest spot! And nice choice too…Krasinski looks smokin’ hot in the above picture!

  • David

    Congratulations, hope it works out for the best for you.

  • AaronJ

    Uh sorry Oh Great Guest, but my drool overflowed my morning OJ when I went to IMDB to look at pics of Matt Keeslar.

    Thanks ever so much for the tease … NOT! Now get to work, okay?!

  • KarmaLysing


  • Look at him. He is so ugly he doesnt have the drop dead look either. Look at his hair!! So 50’s. The only part that is good about him is his clothes….. he isn’t exactly yummy!!!!

  • AaronJ

    As anyone knows, Oh Great Guest, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty does not one picture make. Aforementioned drool in aforementioned OJ is not for thoughts of Matt Keeslar alone. John K, too, is drool-able.

    So, then, thank you for your effort. Long may you wave Oh Great Guest!

  • març

    He is so beautiful I want to lick his hairy ass for hours as I smack his balls around. His hairy chest is so beautiful and I’m sure he has a huge thick juicy tool.

  • Ana Trevino

    Omg he’s hot

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