A Guest Hunkologist at Hunk Du Jour

OMG you guys one of our blogging partners (hint: he’s a cutie) has asked me to guest post on his hot website, Hunk du Jour. Let’s see…. So many to choose from. Hmm… I always thought the world could use more hot dorks (could I go another day without a mention?), so I present you my choice of uhm, “hunk” for the post…

John Krasinski

It’s John friggin’ Krasinski! Too obvious? You saw that one coming, right? He’s the first thing that came to mind. I couldn’t think of noone else. Is that a crime? In case someone think he didn’t fit in there along with the gorgeous near perfect beings, bare in mind that he is tall, delicious and hunky. Probably not as toned as Ryan Reynolds obviously but hunkalicious nonetheless! Anyways, here is the link to my post, check it out people!

p.s: I am working on a long-ish post on Matt Keeslar. Hold your drool please!

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