Brett Chukerman

Brett Chukerman Shirtless

I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but obviously the first time I watched “Eating Out 2” the extreme naked hotness of Marco Dapper actually blinded me to the sexiness of his co-star Brett Chukerman. If fact it wasn’t until after I saw Brett in “The Curiosity Of Chance” (where he’s the solo hot guy) and looked him on Netflix, that I even realized that I had seen him in anything else. And going back for a second look, Brett is very sexy in “Eating Out 2”, but really that movie’s cup runneth over with studs, so if you haven’t seen it, I recommend a viewing. As for “The Curiosity Of Chance” I had actually got it to see Tad Hilgenbrink, but he’s sort of scary skinny in this movie. Lets hope he’s filled out a little for “Lost Boys 2”.

“The Curiosity Of Chance”

Brett Chukerman Shirtless

“Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds”

Brett Chukerman Shirtless

  • The more I see this guy, the more I love him. He’s a ginge, correct? Beautiful eyes as well.

  • Kito

    I totally agree with you, how the h… could you overlook Brett Chukerman?? He is a dish. He is extremely well built. He is extremely sexy. He is cute. He is masculine (enough…). He has the most adorable smile. I mean, how could you possibly overlook him? I was so not overlooking him :-(o)

  • KarmaLysing

    Damn. He’s puuuuuuurty…. Come HERE, little boy, I have SUCH THINGS to show you…

  • Virtue

    He’s been in my sight since Eating Out 2 but that scene from The Curiosity of Chance is just smokin’ hot (not to mention funny). I prefer Brett Chukerman from The Curiosity of Chance simply because he has a somewhat badboy look rather than a cutie. Mine 😛

  • Kito

    The first movie I saw with him was Crush from 2000. According to IMDB he was 19 when he did that role, but he played a much younger character, so he was just sweet in that movie, not sexy as in Eating out 2.

  • Sasa

    OOh!!!! Brett You are my everything, i so love you!

  • Christopher

    Brett is just so delicious…the eyes, the smile, and of course the bod!

  • Bob

    what a treat…never heard of this kid before, but he sure is cute, well-built (woof woof) and he has a delicious furry belly and an ‘oh so appealing’ treasure trail. From now on, I am going to keep an eye on this young lad…(but I wish it were my hands)

  • derrick

    I wanna help him make that special face several times.

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