Keith Bryce

Keith Bryce Shirtless

Did you feel anything weird during the season premiere of “Project Runway”? I did. The reason – Keith Bryce. This guy makes me super hungry, I don’t know why. Is it because of his beefy delicious body? I get this Shayne Ward vibe minus the trimmings from him, and that’s a good thing. Don’t you want to eat give him a big hug and never let go? Don’t worry you’ll get at least a couple of shirtless shots of his hot chunk. We’re thankful to the editors for that. Keith Bryce for the win!

Head over to what I believe Keith Bryce’s clothing line’s website, Filthy Gorgeous to learn more about his work. I really think he should at least put a shirtless picture of him, that alone should sell at least a hundred more pieces!

Keith Bryce in Project Runway

Keith Bryce in Project Runway

Keith Bryce in Project Runway

Keith Bryce in Project Runway

Keith Bryce in Project Runway

Keith Bryce in Project Runway

Keith Bryce in Project Runway

Keith Bryce in Project Runway

Keith Bryce in Project Runway

Keith Bryce in Project Runway

Keith Bryce in Project Runway

Keith Bryce in Project Runway

Keith Bryce Shirtless in Project Runway

Keith Bryce Shirtless in Project Runway

Keith Bryce Shirtless in Project Runway

Keith Bryce Shirtless in Project Runway

Keith Bryce Shirtless in Project Runway

Keith Bryce Shirtless in Project Runway

  • Daz

    Hot AND creative AND shaven head AND wears glasses!! AHHH!! Just you try and tear me away from him now!!!

  • Too many ugly tatts!

  • Chas

    Is he one of the gay ones then? I know there’s supposed to be seven or eight of them this season but I couldn’t make a call on him. Maybe he’s naturally butch or a bit bi. Whatever he is he’s delicious!

    This season is full of cuties but Mr. Bryce and young Wesley are my favorites.

  • Seven or eight of them is gay? That leaves one or none is straight LOL. I agree, Wesley is always nice to look at. He’s like a lighter version of Marc Jabos. I hope he’ll stay very long in the competition! Not as long as Keith though but having them as final 3 or 4 will be lovely.

  • I think Keith is a hottie too! Make sure you check out so learn more about him and drool over more pictures! You can even bid on his design from the first challenge.

  • Chicago

    I know this guy in real life, he lives in Salt Lake City. (SLC should be a fashion capitol, we have both this guy and Jared Gold) I couldn’t believe it when I found out he was going to be on project runway, because i’m a big fan of his work and I own tons of his clothes. He has a cute laugh. It’s like a little giggle. I’m pretty sure he’s not gay since he was married at one point in time, but I can’t be certain. He’s a cute guy and my favorite designer in the world, I hope he wins!

  • sassywench

    He has nice arms!

  • Tyler

    Hey, I saw Jonathan Tucker here in your site, and he is shirtless, almost naked in The Black Donnellys, but can you tell me wich espisode is it? please!!!!!!

  • Hey Chicago, you’re a lucky, lucky person! Keith looks like a nice guy to hangout with as well. Hope he wins too!

  • Lena Orlin

    Yummy. Manlicious

  • According to after elton, he is indeed gay and out.

  • Jon

    Ide defiently DO him good!!!!

  • LibertyHunk

    A great body structure if he only removes that tatoo.
    Not enough hot,So
    3 out of 10.

  • Atrau

    he is HAWT!

  • Atlas

    He is absolutely delicious!

  • NA

    Keith has never been married! That is hilarious! I know him very well! He is gay and he wants a Boyfriend.. Only hot muscle boys need to apply!

  • n/a

    I know Keith and his tattoo’s are actually really beautiful.

  • nat

    i’m keith’s brother and I dont recall even going to a wedding….buuuut I could be wrong….doubt that I am though

  • Alexis

    Agreed, when i first saw him i was like “I’d bang him in a heartbeat”

  • wei

    I think the tattoes make him look hotter

  • Jell-o

    Keith just busted all of my gaydars.

    …but goddamn, it doesn’t even matter ’cause he’s one fine looking man.

  • Jell-o

    P.S. I loves me a manly man loving gay man.

  • Juan

    Keith, marry me.

  • Whitney

    Why can’t there be gorgeous men with tats and shaved heads who make great clothes and want to have sex with women?

  • Patrick

    He just stated he’s a gay mormon. Yummy!!!

  • mikey

    I xoxo gossip girl would fall in mad love with Treavor… or Keith

  • Terry

    I think Kieth is gorgeous. I just adore him.
    Something really sweet and masculine about him.

    I wish him the best of everything and I wish he was coming home to me!


  • I love Keith!!! I think he is one of the most delicious men in Reality TV.. He’s so calm and together.. I can’t believe he’s only 26.. I just read that he is a gay man who like muscle boys, but if he ever wanted to try a transexual.. have him call me.. =)

  • Marcus

    Did any of you see his foot as he was putting on his socks during this last episode? It was the most delicious thing I’ve ever scene, and what’s funny is that I’m not even into that kinda thing ( personally, I’m into toned muscles, which he has plenty of)!

    * salivates and dreams

  • Bobby

    what a hottie… I’m glad you outted yourself. now be my BF


  • My how things change. I haven’t seen Keith since we used to hang out together at Bricks in SLC (about 9 or 10 yrs ago). He used to date my friend…. back in the days. He was cute then, hot now.

  • Aja

    Hey I am a SLC local and would love show some support so…..does anyone know what is his boutique in SLC named or where it is?

  • Megyn

    It’s Filthy Gorgeous and the address is 351 w. pierpont ave.
    About 240 s.

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  • amieeee

    AH! i saw him at wal-mart today but was tooo scared and in awe to say hello.
    I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT. i was pushing my cart as he walked by and i was just oggling him.
    i knew he was from salt lake but i didn’t think he’d be at the TAYLORSVILLE WAL-MART!A OSDIHFAOISDFLAKJWEORIHASDOJF.
    i wuv him :]

  • Mike

    Does anyone know who did his angel tattoo or where it was done? It is awesome.

  • Anamaria

    my birthday is coming up…. can I get him? No need to put him in a box or bag…just be sure to tie a bow where it counts 😉

    muchos besitos all over him.


  • Lloyd

    im so happy he won this week”s episode. His dress was unique and gorgeous. The layering kind of reminded me of christian siriano..oh how i miss christian siriano..hopefully he’ll be a guest judge..but i digress. back to the very masculine and gorgeous his shaved head, love the bandana–very a la justin timberlake, love love his that a bird on his right shoulder and chest? i love his body especially when he wears his favorite v-neck shirt or a wifebeater which definitely shows off his amazing physique..and most importantly love that he’s this very masculine gay man who makes great clothes…what’s not to love..let’s hope he wins that saturn car and of course project runway..go keith!!!

  • He is so hot! I hope he’ll try a skinny boy at least once. He’s so talented and cute. He’s adorable!

  • Bobby

    Yeah Keith won a challenge, so can you know kick Daniel off the show and do us all a favor! please…he been at the bottom for 3 weeks now,


  • mike

    OK, Keith,
    I want you to stay man! Get with the program and start showing them what you have got!
    I would love to talk, meet, hang, and support you in any way.

    You are super! caring kind, genuine, and really talented, but they need to see it!


    stay cool, and stay real..

  • Jay

    Gosh, gays are so shallow, he is good-looking but is by far one of the worst designers this season!!!Everybody agrees on that!!!Why do gays only look up to good-looking people?

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  • Deb

    He’s so freaking hotttt!!!!!
    i hope he’s not gayy

  • Видела что-то похожее в англоязычных блогах, в Русском инете про такое как-то не особо часто посты увидишь.

  • Martin


  • mimi

    His face reminds me of the porn star Jake Deckard, only more polished. I bet he will turn out to be a hot hot daddy when he is the same age as Jake.

  • Fitz

    WOW he is hot. I just found an entire article w/him about PR.


    Keith Bryce interview on

  • David Malone

    I think you’re hot! You need a Texas Daddy LOL, best of luck to you!!

  • Victoria’s Secretions

    Oh my God! I’m so in love with Keith!!! Terri is such a bitch for treating him that way!!!! I love you Keith!!!!

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