Michael Pitt

Michael Pitt Shirtless

Some people might say Michael Pitt is the poor man’s Leonardo DiCaprio. Some people might say he constantly looks like he’s been hitting the bong too hard. Some people might even say his acting range makes Keanu Reeves’ work look Oscar-worthy. But despite all that, you have to admit the boy is damn cute. He’s another one of those kids brought to prominence by the fine folks at the “Dawson’s Creek” casting department. In my mind though, Michael didn’t really start to shine until he showed us all of his goodies in the NC-17 rated “The Dreamers”, capped here. If you like Mike, you’ll love this movie. In it, Michael gets in a weird three-way relationship with a French brother and sister. The brother is played by the gorgeous Louis Garrel, who I’m in the process of capping from other movies as well. The movie is chocked-full of nudity, so much so that I had to do more editing of these pics then of any movie I’ve previously capped.

Six months ago (or more) somebody on the forums asked for pics of Michael or his “Funny Games” co-star Brady Corbet, so here finally is that request, at least partially, fulfilled.

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