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Michael Pitt Shirtless

Some people might say Michael Pitt is the poor man’s Leonardo DiCaprio. Some people might say he constantly looks like he’s been hitting the bong too hard. Some people might even say his acting range makes Keanu Reeves’ work look Oscar-worthy. But despite all that, you have to admit the boy is damn cute. He’s another one of those kids brought to prominence by the fine folks at the “Dawson’s Creek” casting department. In my mind though, Michael didn’t really start to shine until he showed us all of his goodies in the NC-17 rated “The Dreamers”, capped here. If you like Mike, you’ll love this movie. In it, Michael gets in a weird three-way relationship with a French brother and sister. The brother is played by the gorgeous Louis Garrel, who I’m in the process of capping from other movies as well. The movie is chocked-full of nudity, so much so that I had to do more editing of these pics then of any movie I’ve previously capped.

Six months ago (or more) somebody on the forums asked for pics of Michael or his “Funny Games” co-star Brady Corbet, so here finally is that request, at least partially, fulfilled.

  • eroslovelove

    I’m obsessed with The Dreamers. Michael is cute, but he’s definitely no Louis Garrel! Eva Green made me wet too. Great post. 🙂

  • Cyrus 2.0

    THANK U SQUAREHIPPIES!!!! Glad 2 see u have recognised the obvious talents of Mr Michael Pitt!!!! I have “THE DREAMERS” at home on DVD and it’s a great MOVIE!!! Did you know it was actually based on a book and in that book not only did Michaels character have a ‘relationship’ with the sister,BUT also with the brother as well…But they decided NOT to film in that direction-A PITY!!! Anyway in MOST of his movies Mike DOES seem to get shirtless/nearly naked most of the time(check out BULLY and HEDGEWICK AND THE ANGRY INCH)-which is a good thing…And as for a poor mans Leonardo,acting skills of a Keanu…lol. I do agree though sometimes he CAN look alittle ‘BANGED UP’ in some pics…Yeah-and it WAS me who requested any pics of the VERY yummy BRADY CORBET…And I know about the movie Mike and Brady have done together(a dream come true!!!) Have u noticed SquareHippies I have a slight penchant for blondes??? Anyway thanks alot…C ya 4 now!!! Sparkles!!!

  • Cyrus, I think by Squarehippies you mean Psiwire. 😉 He’s all kinds of awesome.

  • KarmaLysing

    Cyrus, I think that would be “HEDWIG and the angry inch”, luv. IMDb and Google are right there, dear. Use them.

    Michael Pitt just doesn’t do much for me… Not sure why, but he doesn’t .

  • whiteshark29

    Where do I find the uncensored pics??

  • The duck Hunter

    Well Cyrus when will they ever show the real gay relationship between two guys!

  • LoveHardMaleNipples1

    As Mentioned before He was also in “Hedwig And The Angry Inch” didn;t see
    “The Dreamers” yet and wasn’t aware he was also from Dawsons Creek casting department.

  • deej

    I’ve liked this guy since first I saw him in “Hedwig.” When I saw “The Dreamers” I was blown away by the sexiness of that movie and Michael Pitt’s rather flat lined sexiness. I was so disappointed that in the movie, the guys didn’t get it on, which you can see the brother wanted. As the movie was directed towards straight audiences, it might be just as well. Gay relationships in movies made for straight people are so unreal and antiseptic that I’d rather they were just left out. It’s too aggravating to see a gay couple who never kiss, talk sexy, or even touch. If we wanted that, we could get married. Well, at least in a couple of states.
    As far as his acting abilities, or lack there of, heck…if pretty women can be in movies just because they’re pretty, then so can guys. The original “bimbos” were guys anyway…they were the big lugs that mobsters in old movies always surrounded themselves with. Somehow, the word got transferred (to females) to represent dumb women. I admit to watching some movies only because I was hot for some actor that was in it. Mr. Happy wants what Mr. Happy wants.

  • phil

    I have some of the uncensored pics…He has a nice penis, average but nice…

  • phil

    Addendum to last post…First saw MP on Law and Order…Fell in lust on the spot…Whiteshark29, I use ATT/Yahoo…Standard “Images” search…Hope that helps…
    Eric Balfor, still has the nicest penis…Lusted him since Six Feet Under…

  • lucylu

    omg i think that he in peng i will do anything with him 4 sure

  • Yes, these pictures are spectacular, as is Michael Pitt. I just now finished composing an open letter to him on my own blog. I have also reviewed the movie The Dreamers several times, because each time I see it I notice something new. I think he is an incredible actor, personally, not just beautiful but also really talented. I love his band’s CD it’s awesome. Pagoda is one of my favorite bands.

    Incidentally, I did love Michael Pitt on Dawson’s Creek. I do like a good Henry scene. I have to admit, I’m rather fond of Henry.

  • nicole

    omg!omg!omg!omg! Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to see his page on here? I truly love Squarehippies. I put a request in like months ago and I’m so happy now. I absolutely love Micheal Pitt. His lips that hair his body yes and The Dreamers is a definitely display of his beauty along with his costars.

  • chip

    After seeing the feature on Michael Pitt I rented “The Dreamers” — watched it twice before I reluctantly returned it to Blockbuster. The film is simply stunning and Pitt with his lightly hairy chest is soooo attractive as are the sister and brother played by Eva Green as Isabelle and Louis Garrel as Theo. All three are phenomenally attractive and completely reinforce my bisexuality. As beautiful as I find Pitt to be, it’s a toss-up in my mind because Louis Garrel is equally attractive — if not more so in my mind. While I, too, would like to have seen a parallel intimate physical relationship between Pitt and Garrel, it is at least implied in a later scene in the film when the parents returned home to find brother, sister and Pitt totally naked and intertwined asleep in a makeshift tent in one of the apartment’s living rooms. I loved the movie, the players and the fantasies it has stirred in my mind. I feel restless and lonely now compared to the general sense of optimism I felt before I saw the film. Oh for France and to speak French…

  • jon

    ugh were can i see this movie? it sounds HOT!

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  • Josh

    Love Michael Pitt 😉 He’s sooo cute – suprised as to the negativity to his acting, I think he did a pretty good job, not an easy role to play…. and I love that he’s not overly muscular which would not have suited him at all. Gorgeous!

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  • Sammy T

    michael pitt’s performance is mesmerising; he is lost in his character, conveying a blend of vulnerability and his own emerging emotionally intelligent assuredness. i appreciate that his character is reflective; that he isn’t perturbed by playing a character that is incomplete and that he’s able to trigger a range of responses, all of them natural; from being drawn to his openness, his sensuality, his caring, his confusion.

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  • oxjr

    More like a young James Spader.

  • Mel Anee

    Yes Michael Pitt is HOT but you know what irritated me in this movie is that in the 1st scene that hes writing to his Mom he is right handed the next 2 times you see him writing hes left handed….make up your mind movie…..I have seen him in 2 other movies where he is writing lefty (Jailbait and also Boarwalk Empire..which actually isnt a movie but..) thats all…I just hate when movies have things wrong

  • Craig Paris

    what movie is this from

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