Periklis Iakovakis

Periklis Iakovakis Shirtless

Inline with the coming summer olympics, here’s some Greek athlete yumminess for you. Up until now, I’ve never heard of this hot piece of a man that is hurdle athlete Periklís Iakovákis. I don’t care if I pronounced his name wrong, I just called him Perry during our love making time. He’s very tall, lean, fuzzy and has one heck of a sexy face. Oh, one of the best legs I’ve seen this year. Rarely track guys get recognition as being “hot” as we often leave it to the dudes of soccer, football, tennis and other team based sports. Again as I’m not into sports that much but I’m sure this man is very well known in that field. Please enjoy these shirtless zero percent body fat Periklis as long as you want while I book a flight to Mykonos. See ya!

You can find more shirtless Greek athletes over at billy_greek’s Flickr set and this wonderful sports photo blog by Apolis of which these pictures are borrowed from.

Periklis Iakovakis Shirtless

Periklis Iakovakis

Periklis Iakovakis

Periklis Iakovakis Shirtless

Periklis Iakovakis

Periklis Iakovakis

Periklis Iakovakis Shirtless

Periklis Iakovakis Shirtless

Periklis Iakovakis Shirtless

Periklis Iakovakis

  • KarmaLysing

    GodDAYUM… Now that, I’d hit. Repeatedly. With much vigor.

  • David

    I got something right here he can try to jump over!! Very handsome especially in the one with the award in hand. Thanks for sharing.

  • deej

    OK…this guy is several leaps above and beyond hot. Wow…I don’t know how you discovered him (listen to me…I sound like Columbus) but I’m glad you did. He is so close to perfect for me that I will call him perfect. Now if he would only call me.

  • Christopher

    Indeed hot, hot, hot and I too have something he can jump over and on!

  • QCNiceGuy

    If there is such a thing as perfection, I believe we are seeing it now.

  • Colby

    Hmmm… Delish….

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  • sassywench

    AH, now this is more like it!

  • ILuvguys

    He definitely defines the word “greek god”.
    but my favorite olympic athelete is and always has been gymnast Blaine Wilson. Anyone remember him?
    Hippies, got any caps of him lurking around?
    Rumor is he’ll be in this years olympics with one of the Hamm twins, now there’s a yummy pair of hunkiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daz

    AHHH perfection!!!! One to go please!!!

  • ntemis

    Firstly I’m from Greece..Secondly you pronounced his name perfect…Finally I’m very happy because you discovered a greek hot man..He is really sexy and handsome man!!!Very good choice…

  • Nothing makes happy me than an approval from a Greek reader on a Greek hunk!

  • I’m glad to see that Periklis made very good impression! He deserves it!

    Oh, I should inform you that he got married 10 months ago…

  • Bruno

    He´s married to me .

  • Brilliant!

  • Festat.

    Sppechless, except for:
    What a butt!

  • nicole

    very very very nice 🙂

  • Nandini

    They do not make enough men with butts like that.

    Godly, I tell you. Godly.

  • Petey

    he could have it

  • Nebs

    I imagine him a fisherman in one of those Greek islands, we go fishin’ and in the middle of the day., resting on his boat. both of us sweating. we take our clothes off and go for naked swim to cool ourselves which is useless coz’ it naturally gets hotter after the swim. hehehehe!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jasper

    Scrumptious ! notice the great view of those Greek mounds in photo #6. Ohlala. He looks great in the “Greek” position in photo #10. Greek men are SO sexy! When I spent a month there it seemed each one was sexier than the last. many tend to be very furry. Fortunately I had a fling with one and a Frenchman. Unlike this guy, the Frenchman & I noticed that lot of the Greek men were large in the hips – big & manly, which I liked very much but the Frenchman didn’t so his eyes didn’t wander from me. It was a vacation paradise!
    Thanks very much for this great addition to the site.

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