Brody Jenner


I have to say I’m conflicted about Brody Jenner. On the one hand I find him sexually appealing, but on the other hand I’m pretty sure that him and his famous for being famous / celebuspawn ilk represent just about everything that’s wrong with America. There are few things more reprehensible to me then spoiled rich kids and Brody seems to be the crown prince of spoiled rich kids, but damn he’s hot! Why couldn’t be an ambitious, but penniless street urchin so I could desire him guilt-free?!

These caps are from the delightfully short-lived “Princes of Malibu” reality series.

  • Brody is the perfect example of someone who is superhot outside, but not so inside. Personally, I don’t give Keith Bryce rat’s asstail about this. He probably screams out “TOUCHDOWN!” when he reached climax but who wouldn’t say no to a guy this hot? Excellent caps, Psi!

  • Clint

    Arrgghh…This kills me, because Brody is HOT, and he’s furry. I don’t know why he shaved it all off!

  • sassywench

    So glad he stopped shaving his chest! In his newer pictures he’s furry, although sometimes he’s manscaped. I agree, he’s probably a jerk, but he is hot!

  • Brody is clearly the hottest douche around. I understand the dilemma, he is smoking hot, but also vapid and useless.

  • KarmaLysing

    I’d say he’s the male Paris Hilton, except Brody really IS hot, and the only people who think Ms. Hilton is hot are she and her paid sychophants…

  • Bruno

    I simply dislike overconfident men .

  • I can’t blame him for the shaved chest. This show aired during the “hairy chests are gross” era. I believe he’s all covered now as seen in recent GQ shoot. Furry, but still a douche. A friggin’ hot douche.

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  • thick body

    I don’t hate anything about this guy. He is outragously handsome and young so it seems that most of you are just a little jealous. He has money , can get any guy/gurl that he wants and has great hair. God bless you Brody and enjoy yourself. We all know it doesn’t last forever. Your dad was the man at your age too….

  • nick

    where did u get the hq caps from? do you have the episodes

  • im not being funny but i would do anything to that im wanking over him now he is as fit as fuck and i know hes a douce but im not worried can u imagine a three sum with him and spencer omg am having an orgasm just thinking about it

  • Josh

    Simple solution to the problems all are having with this douche:

    Knock him out, fuck him silly, twice, capture it on video and then sell it to the world.

    A)You get to fuck him.
    B) He gets fucked, literally and figuratively.


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