Fabian Hambüechen

Fabian Hambüchen Shirtless

Initially I wanted to combine this fine German ginge of a gymnast, Fabian Hambüechen in our Olympic Hotness series. But then I realized his pictures occupy about three quarter of the post, therefore it’s time to do his own dedicated one. What can I say, this boy is just oozing with red hot sex appeal. No exactly a redhead, but almost there as you can see which explains my attraction (hair loss fairy, leave Fabian alone!). Anyways, someone needs to set the record straight, is it Hambuchen or Hambuechen or what? I need to know because it’s like important.

Here is Fabian Hambuechen official website, in German. I was browsing for photos there but it turned out to be epic fail so if you found some, do post here as well.

Update: Thanks to Garrett for the correction!

Fabian Hambuechen

Here are some artistic shirtlessness for EnBW ad campaign, cropped for your convenience.

Fabian Hambuechen

Fabian Hambuechen

Fabian Hambuechen

Fabian Hambuechen

Fabian Hambuechen

Fabian Hambuechen

Fabian Hambuechen

Fabian Hambuechen

These are borrowed from All About Strength. Sorry mate, I had to crop out the gold frames, not a big fan. What follows are the making of pictures. I really wish I have the actual, de-goldenize results to show.

Fabian Hambuechen Shirtless

Fabian Hambuechen

Fabian Hambuechen

Fabian Hambuechen

Fabian Hambuechen

  • MJ

    He’s so hot isn’t he? ^^
    His full name is Hambüchen, but german allows for the ü to be written as ue as well. So Hambuechen is correct too. Humbuchen is just wrong.

    The pics on his website are in some flash gallery, so can’t link to them directly. They’re at Fans > Gallery though.

  • Thanks MJ! Excuse my lack of observation. Now back to drooling…

  • nicole

    body is amazin like that face

  • sassywench

    He has the body of a super hero!

  • Rick

    What a trimlined absolutely perfect #10 in every manner.
    And MJ is correct with the unlauted U being transscribed as UE. But however you spell his name its always “WOW.”

  • Milton

    You’re right, Squarehippies. Not quite a redhead, but close enough. As I’ve stated before, I’m an African-American who’s very attracted to redheads. I also have a thing for German, & Irish guys, so, Fabian makes it on 2 counts. By the way, I also, convesely, dig guys who are of Arab, Jewish, & Native American descent, too. How about some posts on guys who meet these criteria. Here’s some help with the Native American category:Canadian actor, Adam Beach; Full-blooded First Nation(that’s how they are referred to, north of the border) hotness. Think that there are a few pictures of him on the internet that are shirtless.

  • Bruno

    Yeah! Milton , I´m with you on these requests . Redheads please…

  • KarmaLysing

    That completely adorable puppy-dog of a lad is a Strawberry Blond, if anyone is excited about terminology. I personally am excited about his abs. And his pecs. And his glutes… And… uh… I’ll be in my bunk…

  • Mmm… Strawberries… Does that mean he’s eatable? I’d like to dip that in whipped vanilla cream. Mmm… Vanilla…

  • j-flu

    I love his body, but exactly how old is he?

  • Well, sometimes wishes do come true and sometimes they don’t….
    Maybe you just should have asked me for them.

    Not a big fan of your cropped pictures as well. Poor Fabian had his feet cut off in the grass pic.

    In diesem Sinne

  • phil

    OMG pic #6 almost…God I love this site…

  • yukoner

    so hot!

  • André

    he does me nothing at all.

  • Xavier

    He is hot! I think he would be a perfect gay guy! Being abl to sprea his legs that far apart so easily! God! I am getting some nice images inside my head.

  • Gouli

    Ce petit gymnaste est une beauté rayonnante.

  • MuFu

    He has such a sweet body. O my God. I don’t like his skin tone. Too pale. His face is too young too.

  • Gert

    OMG, he’s gorgeous. What a body and a face. I’m just in love.

  • I can’t beelive I’ve been going for years without knowing that.

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