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Matt Keeslar Shirtless in Jekyll

Every so often a movie comes along that is so brilliantly scripted, stunningly captured and well acted that you have to wonder if the pinnacle of film-making has finally been reached. “Jekyll” is not that movie. In fact, it’s a total piece of crap, but it has Matt Keeslar with his shirt off. A lot. Even the worst movies have to have something worth looking at if they hope to make a profit and producers of “Jekyll” decided to rely of the hairy goodness of Matt’s torso to make this flick watch-able. Unfortunately even Matt’s hotness, hobbled by fake facial hair, cheesy contact lenses and the worst acting of his career, isn’t up to the task of saving this bomb. If they wanted to make a decent film out of this mess they should have just compiled ninety minutes of footage of Matt taking his shirt on and off.

Matt Keeslar Shirtless in Jekyll

  • Milton

    Not just his shirt, his pants,too. Underwear is optional. God,that man is soooo (bleeping) HOT!!! This is a good argument that Squarehippies should think about franchising into, maybe… Pantless celebs?

  • QCNiceGuy

    There is no denying his hotness but the facial hair in this is just laughable! Thank god the hairy chest distracted me!

  • sassywench

    Hot and hairy!

  • Gosh… this movie looks mighty fine, crappiness aside. I’m one of those who can endure shitty movies if a hot guy get shirtless in it. Lame i know. His chest is totally lickable and he doesn’t look too bad if he takes that faux sideburn off.

  • goodytwoshoes

    I thought he was a lot hotter in the 2000 Dune TV mini series. One of the best parts was seeing him duel with Alec Newman, both of them shirtless, especially being cousins and all. 😀

  • chris

    minus the demonic looking sideburn caps, these caps are superb and some chest hair is nice on matt!
    please, hippies, more pics of johnathon lipnicki and shia lebouf.

  • Andy

    Oh how hot he is very hot

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