A Sad Keith Bryce

It’s a very sad day for us (okay just me but whatever) here at So my dream boyfriend Keith Bryce of Project Runway was auf’ed, finally. I have to admit that for the past couple of episodes the attitude was a bit of a turnoff and the clothes are not that hot. I tell you what’s the problem. It’s that effing RAT’S TAIL! That is the root of all evil. Keith is a smalltown hottie with a heart of gold; he even called Tim Gunn “buddy” at one point but unfortunately the rodent’s behind brought the worst out of him. I would probably forget about this dude after a few days or so as of with other reality television crushes (see example) but I think I’ll mourn over this one for a bit.

Now if you please excuse me, I need some serious comforting to do —lots of touching, hugging, kissing, cuddling, fondling, etc. I also have a small scissor in my back pocket but don’t tell Keith that.

Here are my three shirtless Keith Bryce posts, for anyone who care. Also, enjoy these moving images featuring beautiful fashion tears coming from a really hot guy that is Keith Bryce. You don’t see this combo everyday on television, do you?

Keith Bryce’s Tears

Keith Bryce Cries

Keith is A Crybaby

Keith Bryce

Keith Bryce Cries

  • Psiwire

    I’m surprised he made it this far. His clothes were pretty bad. And he should man-up, nobody likes a cry-baby.

  • Andy

    It is sad to see him leave I was upset because he is really cute he said, it was not a lot of opportunity to be a designer where he live. I was very upset to see him go, but he is a survival probably will see him again.

  • Virtue

    Argh! He was hot and he got cut! I agree with Psi, he needs to toughen was just a game after all. Or they paid him extra cash for him to act all destroyed. He goes back on the market, at least.

  • I agree he needs to man up, but you can clearly see those were definitely not crocodile tears. If only he can cut the attitude and make decent clothes… *goes back to comforting*

  • Dale

    Come on you guys! Keith didn’t have attitude; he had a broken heart. He fell in love with Daniel and it showed. When Daniel got kicked off the show, Keith didn’t want to go on. Watch how hard he took it when Daniel was eliminated and how they were sitting with legs overlapping when Tim Gunn gave Daniel the exit speech! Keith has a good heart and is a hot young man. Also, I would venture to state that Keith is as good an example anyone needs that being Gay is by birth and not by choice. Keith came from the epicenter of Mormanism and from a family that is “on all sides is deeply Morman”. If Keith could have changed he would have changed. It is not easy being different in a sea of represion and conformity. He was not only talking about this being his chance to break out and be a designer but also his chance to break out and become something larger than Salt Lake City and his chance to find love.

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