Stephen Dorff in Felon

Stephen Dorff Shirtless in Felon

Felon” is one of the better prison movies out there and I’m not saying that because it has Stephen Dorff shirtless in it. He looks real fit by the way (as always), but the fuzz seems to have disappeared. Oh well, at least I can get some good actor vibe from him. The movie also stars Val Kilmer and hottie Johnny Lewis but he looked a tad unappetizing in this so I’ll have to pass.

p.s: Yes, I’ve seen “Shadowboxer”.

Stephen Dorff Shirtless in Felon

Stephen Dorff Shirtless in Felon

Stephen Dorff Shirtless in Felon

Stephen Dorff Shirtless in Felon

Johnny Lewis. Apparently, his hair is everything.

Johnny Lewis Shirtless in Felon

Also, I’ve had this strange attraction to Chris Browning, despite the massive pornstache.

Chris Browning in Felon

  • nicole

    i always had a thing for this cute shortie, he’s one guy i’d let take control of me anytime.

  • Dorff is still beautiful, only it doesn’t do much without the fuzz
    and the Lewis guy – gross, too white and pastey for me.

  • sassywench

    The usually furry Mr. Dorf is now smooth. I will excuse it this time, because of his tight body and the hairlessness really makes his nipples stand out. He’s hot either way!

  • phil

    Just curious…did an image search of young Mr Dorff(been a fan since The Power of One)and found one of him wearing nothing but a condom(he’s got a lot to be proud of)…Anybody know what movie that was from?…The site was French, and I don’t speak French…

  • Phil, it’s Shadowboxer. Hence the p.s. 😉

  • Psiwire

    Wow,his body is on point here. I’m used to seeing him fur-covered so this is a nice change.

  • phil

    Ah Thank you my good sir(?)…I did not see the p. s. …I do hope it’s still available(the movie I mean)…LOL…

  • Gayabs

    Omg those abs….so hot

  • EmM/

    Oh god, oh god oh GOOOOOD! Those eyes… and abs… just wanna LICK IT!

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