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Hairy Vin Diesel in Babylon A.D

I write about chest hair a lot these days huh. Here’s another quick one. It’s nice to see prime action beef Vin Diesel kept the fur and scruff on in his upcoming science fiction film “Babylon A.D”. These shots are from the theatrical trailer and the movie opens on the 29th. Squarehippies approved! Here is Psiwire’s previous Vin Diesel post from “The Pacifier” and “XXX”. Still in love with the cute shower scene.

Vin Diesel in Babylon A.D

Vin Diesel in Babylon A.D

Vin Diesel Shirtless in Babylon A.D

Vin Diesel in Babylon A.D

Vin Diesel Shirtless in Babylon A.D

  • Matt

    Honestly I’ve never found him to be attractive

  • sassywench

    Well, it’s about time that he let it grow out! He is looking a big haggard facially though. Still, nice chest!

  • pickle

    He’s pretty fugly. Not even a nice body to make up for it.

  • deej

    This is one of those guys who is COMPLETELY not my type, yet I find myself attracted to him. He would definitely suit my “making a straight boy my bitch” fantasy, but I also have a feeling that in “real life” vs. reel life, he is kind of a sweetheart and doesn’t really take himself too seriously. I always like guys like that.

  • Milton

    Personally, I’ve always found Vin to be sexy. Not handsome, in the conventional way, but sexy, nonetheless. Plus, with that body, & deep, gravelly voice…well, I wouldn’t kick him out of the bed.

  • I’ve found Vin Diesel to be extremely sexy especially in XXX. After that he gradually began to bulk up and I’m not a fan of huge guys. But all is forgiven with that deep voice of his. Sexy.

  • KarmaLysing

    Vin Diesel is of the “bucketloads of charisma” school of unadulterated hotness. And I always give extra points to a guy as big and very, VERY male as he is for whom the highlight of making a movie with a bunch of little kids was being used as a mobile jungle-gym by said little kids… LOL…

  • François

    Vin is a very manly kind of movie star, and I’m happy to learn that he has a hairy chest! Still, as far as handsomeness goes…

  • michael

    i have to laugh when i hear stuff like eewww, he’s not my type. you know, i know and everybody knows, there isnt a gay man out there that would say “no, your not my type” if vin came up to them and said, “your my bitch tonite”. try again guys. tell me something believeable.

  • That is VERY right Michael.If he EVER said that to me,i would sat “i’m going to be your b***** as long as you want me to.” That voice,body,and face is too irresistable! And i would tap that any and everyday! If he told me to sit down and strip naked……well,i would do it. Cuz he got me in check like that!!!!!!

  • wigglytuff

    he is hottttt and with hair<3 omgggg

  • Alex Salvin

    Are you guys crazy? Vin is one of the hottest action men!!! That kinda ugly look makes him so sexy!!! I mean, if he ever fixes his nose, he’s lost!!!

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