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I’ve thought Tom Everett Scott was adorable ever since his days on “Grace Under Fire”, but I don’t think too many people would argue with the fact that he achieved peak hotness in “”The Love Letter”. The movie is kind of a stinker, but Tom is shirtless through much of it and really in top form. There’s something about him that reminds me of Tom Hanks, so it’s surprising he’s not a bigger star then he is.

Tom Everett Scott Shirtless in The Love Letter

  • sassywench

    Cute face, but a bit skinny although he is toned. Wasn’t he up for the role of Wolverine when the first Xmen movie was being cast? I don’t see him as the hairy chested Wolverine at all.
    Cute guy!

  • Tom Everett Scott is one of those wholesome looking guys and I love his uber lean body in this flick. He has become a tad chunkier since, but I’d still hit that in a heartbeat. That sexy voice helps as well.

  • Dewey Mee

    Tom Everett Scott may fall into the category of “adorkables”, but he’s HOT!!!!!! I LOVE the pics. of him dancing around. And he has sexy navel and nipples– my favorite areas of the male anatomy!!!!

  • Milton

    Been in lust for Tom Everett Scott for years. The resemblence to Tom Hanks has been mentioned in print before, & he does look like Tom’s younger, sexier brother. No disrepect to Mr. Hanks intended. And hey, sometimes skinny is sexy, on the right guy. Everyone doesn’t have to look like they just came from the gym. Also, check him out on a flick called “Big Man On Campus”, with another 3-name guy, Mark-Paul Gosselaar. No shirtless scenes, but there is a scene where he & Mark-Paul have a misinterpreted roll in the bushes, where they are mistaken for being gay roomates, by surprised, but supportive friends.

  • Milton

    Was reminded about Mark-Paul in my previous comment, so went to check to see if you had any posts of him. WHAT?!? NONE?!? I’m surpised, as they were many shirtless shots of him back in the 90’s. Even though I’ve seen them, other Squarehippie fans might find them…eh… delectable, to say the least. The man looked(& still does) good, with a beautiful, cheast, pumped arms, & great legs. So, there’s your next assignment, Squarehippies, should you choose to accept it, & I think you should.

  • Bruno

    I fell in love with him watching this movie . He´s such a great actor , and very good looking . I love his poutty lips.

  • nicole

    he is soooo cute. I always liked him, a definite great guy I would hope unlike some ppl i know!

  • KarmaLysing

    He’s deeply adorkable, but has a bad habit of making poor career choices. See: “Saved”, “Because I said so”, “American Werewolf in Paris”, etc…

  • Milton

    I made a mistake. The movie starring Tom Everett Scott & Mark-Paul Gosselaar is “Dead Man On Campus”. I’m watching it right now on TBS.

  • sirpsionicist


    Tom Everette Scott, shirtless — and “featureless”. Booring…….zzzzzz…..

  • woW

    He ‘s got a cute sexy face and a hot body.. damn! boy I’d totally do u 😉

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