William Zabka

William Zabka Shirtless

I think it’s fair to say William Zabka was the biggest jerk of the 80s. Well, he played the biggest jerks anyway. He might be a nice guy. Either way, he was absolutely suited for the alpha male/bully roles he was playing. He had the muscles. He had the square jaw. He had the perfectly feathered blond hair. What more could you ask for in an 80s villain who was sure to get his comeuppance?

These caps are from the movie “Back To School”, which is still surprisingly funny. William also played in a slew of other classic 80’s flicks like “The Karate Kid” (1 & 2), “Just One Of The Guys” and “National Lampoon’s European Vacation”.

William Zabka Shirtless

  • Bruno

    Wow …. this guy was one of my imaginary boyfriends during childhood !!!! I always wanted to know his name and have some pictures …. Thank you very much .

    He´s hot for sure . But to date a guy like that sure would be a lot of troubles , I´m the territorial type…”We used to head awful fight about the chicks looking at him a school!” heheehe They always ended with me receiving some gratification.

  • edgeboy1

    He was one of my faves of the 80’s. Very hot, and his body still holds up!

  • Milton

    Normally, I’m drawn to brunettes, & red-heads. But when guy is a real blond(check out the eyebrows), that is a real turn-on. I’ve lusted after Billy ever since “The Karate Kid”. By the way, I’ve seen him recently, in 2 films on the Sci-Fi Channel, about giant snakes, & , aside from a somewhat fuller face, the man still looks good for a guy who’s 42 years old; not that that’s old. Waiting for Billt Zabka post 2.

  • He’s a real blond alright. I’ve had a crush on him in “Just One of the Guys” but not as much as I adore Billy Jacoby.

  • KarmaLysing

    William Zabka the actor is a very nice down-to-earth guy who got type-cast in the ’80’s because he was just so DAMNED GOOD at playing a rotten bastard.

    I loved him in “The Equalizer” for the very reason that he wasn’t playing a rotten bastard, and his hair was its natural, darker-blond color.

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