Wolverine Shirtlessness

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine Shirtless

Something tells me, this is definitely going to be one of the most capped movies of 2009. Look at all that muscle and chest hair! Just to get you warmed up, here are a couple of promo stills and a compilation of Hugh Jackman’s wolfy shirtlessness from the infamous Comic Con’s leaked “Wolverine” trailer. Let’s hope he will be able to maintain that body when the movie premieres May next year! I’m still curious to see how Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Taylor Kitsch as Gambit fare in this physically. Fingers crossed that they will be having at least one skin scene!

Go to the forum for bigger version of the image. Thanks Sassy!

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Wolverine Shirtless

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Wolverine Shirtless

Not from Wolverine but hey.

Hugh Jackman Shirtless in Swordfish

  • Psiwire

    I don’t know what they’ll do in the movie, but in the comics Deadpool is covered in scars head-to-toe, ala Freddy Krueger, Which would be a total waste of Ryan’s ‘talents’ if you ask me..

  • David

    Mmmmmmm Hugh Jackman, this guy turns me on!!!

  • Bruno

    He´s the most sexy actor nowadays. I was thinking about the hollywood celebrities and I couldn´t think of one hotter than this hairy guy. I never liked Wolverine , but Hugh Jackman is worth seeing .

  • Antonio

    Sexy men…..@_@

  • Eeeeeric

    Hell, HJ was even sexy playing fruity-ass Peter Alan!

  • Frater Gymnos

    you may find this interesting: the titlefor the posting is “naked wolverine” http://alantew.blogspot.com/2008/08/naked-wolverine.html

  • sassywench

    be still my heart! I have high hopes for plenty of shirtless, hairy chested, and sweaty scenes for this bad ass movie! Thanks for posting these pictures! WHEW!!!!!!!!!

  • Psiwire

    Sorry Square Deadpool wears a full-head hood similar to Spider-man (at least in the comics)

  • j-flu

    actually, when this flick takes place, he’s scarless and wears kind of what he wore in blade. so, heaven.

  • KarmaLysing

    I think the U.N. should convene a special session solely to vote “yes” on an international law forbidding Hugh Jackman from wearing clothing. How is it possible he just keeps getting hotter? Never mind, don’t care, just glad it’s happening… heh.

  • Someone

    see the end of x-men 3 when he walks up to jean, a good shirtless scene there, and lots of moaning…..aaahh…the moaning…

  • Emily

    he is wicked hot

  • Boris

    The last pic is j/o material big time!

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  • Yu know, he is just about the most delicious thing I have seen in many years, he is sexy, yet he maintains that boyish charm, yet he still has that sexy man appeal, he is just too much for words, there will never be the right or enough words to describe him, he definitely is the “it” guy though cuz he is such a hunka, hunka, burning love, Just too beautiful for words, he has it all – looks, sex appeal, that boyish charm, with just enough of a man mixed in, I know I am not saying this well, but gosh and gee whiz, he is just beyond words, Oh my, and Oh, my, he is just far too mucc Noone should be that beautiful, and have so much, I pray he does not let it get away from him and enjoys it tothe hilt. If he turns ou to be an Elvis, what a tragedy. He seems to be such a nice and good man, flaunts all he has just a bit though, but he knows he has got IT, AND yet he does not seem to let it get away from him, I pray his humbleness continues because that only adds to all of the rest that he has, I pray he will hang on to all of it, because he surelY has it all, and yet remains n not to full of himself, I pray for you Ry, because I DO NOT want all of what you have to getaway from you as well it could, SO HANG ON, bIG BOY, AND i WILL GET YOU ARE TOO, BIG THAT IS. i AM ANXIOUS TO SEE YOU WIWTH bULLOCK, THAT WILL BE QUITE A PAIR FOR YOU. a GOOD MATCH AND i AM SO GLAD TO SEE THEY ARE RECOGNIZING YOUR TALENT AND PUTTING YOU IN SOME ROLES WITH BIGGER STARS THAT WILL REALLY SHOW YOUR CHOPS. You are on your way to being a bi g star, and I pray you will not throw it all awway, so enjoy, hang on to some of your money, and travel and live it up, not too much partying though, wouldn’t not want you to spoil those beautiful looks, as you are maturing quite nicely, and it appeaers that you are not doing that. I perceive that you know what you have and will not throw it away, at least that is the way i see it, Your versatility and talent are showing more and more and that is what really counts, because all of those gorgeous looks will not mean much if you cannot act, and I believe you can, I have seen your comedic abilities, and also your serious side, so I know you have so much, Your timing with yoour brother in Just Friends was phenomenal, and I know that is something that is very difficult, brought to mind CHARLIE CHAPLIN, he too had that excellent timing that would just bring down the house, because he just knew how and when ti let’ rip, and then in Smokin” Aces, we saw that tough guy and I was so pleased, as that showed that you could play that opposite side too, the mean machine, and so I knew them that you surely did have what it takes. I could go on and on but will not, I want to see moreof you, you are just too beautiful for words, there are no words in the dictionary to describe you. There just is not. TRUST ME BIG BOY. YOU HAVE GOT IT , THE CONJONES, NO KIDS YET THOUGH, LIVE IT UP AND BE A SEXY DUDE AND PLAYER FOR A WHILE, THAT WILL BRING YOU FAR ALSO, ALL OF THOSE SILLY GIRLS OUT THERE, LOVE YOU JUST AS YOU ARE, SO JUST STAY THAT WAY FOR A WHILE, THEREWI;; BE TIME FOR THE REST. aLWAYS TIME, jUST BE CAREFUL, AND BE THE BEAUTIFUL MAN i KNOW YOU ARE. oK? bg boy, cuz I know where of I speak. I do, really I do. Good advice, you will probalbynever see this advice, but I THINK you already know what it is, so heed, mdear, how I WISH YOU WERE MINE.

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