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More Adam Garcia Shirtless

Where’s a good place to find hot shirtless guys in the video store, you ask? The bargain bin, of course. That’s where all the no budget teen slasher flicks and erotic thrillers populated by D-list actors end up. These movies invariably use a lot of skin to cover their lack of quality. That’s where I found the movie “Fascination”. (It was actually in Amazon’s bargain bin, but the same rule seems to apply online as off) This movie falls into the ‘erotic thriller’ category, though I found it to be neither. Fortunately Adam Garcia as the shirt-hating hero of the story has the goods to make an hour of dreck bare-able . For such a gorgeous guy, Adam has a surprisingly sparse resume. Luckily for us he doesn’t seem to be opposed to undressing in the few movies he’s in. You’d think the awesome body, the cute face and the Australian accent would be enough to land him on a night-time soap or something.

More Adam Garcia Shirtless

  • KarmaLysing

    OMG… Those eyes… Amongst other things…

  • PJ

    Adam actually works constantly, but most of the time on stage. He was the original lead in the “Saturday Night Fever” musical and he just spent a long time in “Wicked,” both in London. I guess those top-drawer projects keep him from having much shirtless time in Hollywood dreck. Good for him, bad for us.

  • Bruno

    He´s really something . Loved the sheets photos…

  • AaronJ

    See? People think I’m about half nuts for what I say about (mostly guys) eyes. KL got it this time. I, for once, got a chance to see the ‘amongst other things’.


  • For once I won’t complaint about body hair and that sheets pictures did things to me. … arggrg…

    *stares at screen for 15 minutes*
    *grabs coat*
    *RUN to the nearest rentals*

  • AaronJ

    Square … You need Netflix or Blockbuster. The guys come to YOU. Better ‘n the pursueR. I loves being hte pursueE. 😛

    I have Eating Out and Eating Out 2 coming on Wednesday. If nobody sees me here by Saturday, send the Marines. All of ’em!

  • chris2

    Adam Garcia is the second best thing to come out of Australia, Sir Heath Andrew Ledger, may he rest in peace, was the first!
    That not withstanding, Mr. Garcia can be shirtless and naked any time for me!
    and I agree, the bed caps were nice, but more skin is always welcome.

  • It’s the guy from “Coyote Ugly”!

  • Yep and in Coyote Ugly there’s some more great shirtless scenes of Mr. Garcia!

  • jerome

    your so hot to i like you very much!!!!!!

  • bianca

    adam garcia i love you .namber one

  • theOtherR.A.

    He REALLY needs to be in more movies (shirtless, of course), and with Paul Telfer as a co-star. Come on , you agents. Get his ball rolling. (Please, not a comedy, though.

  • theOtherR.A.

    looks like Robby Benson (in his younger days of film). Striking. (P.S., that’s not my picture >>> , but rather a generic fill-in one).

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