Fall Will Be Fuzzy

Chace Crawford Shirtless in Gossip Girl

Shirtless crystal ball says an extremely pretty boy with fuzzy chest is an early sign of good things to come. I can feel it in the air. Stay tuned for more haziness. This message is brought to you by Chace Crawford in Gossip Girl second season premiere, having a Jesse Metcalfe moment…

via Superherofan Dude, you fast!

Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford

On the other hand, why in hairy hell does Dan Humphrey’s chest still smooth as a baby’s bottom? This is so wrong.

Penn Badgley

  • MarioMB4

    the future is furry!

    (we, “the fur lovers”, must use this slogan ^^)

  • yukoner2

    Thank god! Let there be hair!! Chace is WAY cuter looking a little older than he was all smooth… NOW, its Dan’s turn as well!

  • Luvstoread

    Chuck is the one they need to show shirtless!! And, I’ve read they have Dan shaving his chest for the show. 🙁

  • Why on earth they wanted to do that? What could possibly be the reason to shave a perfectly delectable fuzzy chest other than having to compete for the Olympics? Even Markus Rogan let his sprout be. It’s a serious crime against nature, I tell you. Send them to the chokey!

  • Allie

    WOAH! He’s SO dam sexy! I’d f*** him in a heart beat!!!

  • sassywench

    Well, it’s about time they let Chase be natural! Now if they will do the same for Penn! I knew plenty of guys in high school who were hairychested by the time we were seniors. So wrong Gossip Girl to keep any of these hotties shaving their chests!

  • j-flu

    i am now 100% attracted to him!

  • chris

    Chace Crawford is hot no matter what and so is Mr. Penn badgley!

    but I do agree some chest hair is welcome on these two!

    Too bad for me I missed the premiere this passed Monday. sad 🙁

  • Pop

    What episode of Gossip Girl is Chace shirtless?

  • Jamie

    I am SO glad they’ve let Chase keep his chest hair this year. Not sure why they would want Penn to shave his off. At least we have Chase!

  • jen

    I like men with no chest hair

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