How Does This Make You Feel?

Max and Charles Carver from Desperate Housewives

Their names are Max and Charles Carver and they’re the grown up version of twins Porter and Preston Scavo in the new season of “Desperate Housewives”. Somewhere out there, a tween girl version of me is rapidly dying (of their hotness). Having said that, put these two in an oven, set the timer to 5 years and BAM! We’ll have not one, but two ginge Matt Damons on our hands!

Oh and Gale Harold took his shirt off. That’s a surprise. Don’t hate me but I’m one of the 3 people on earth who don’t think he’s that hot. *runs away*

Gale Harold Shirtless in Desperate Housewives

Update: In case anyone was weirded out by this post, they’re both actually 20-year old. TWENTY, boys and girls. Quote from here:

Still, the best reason (in my humble and always right opinion) to watch? The new Desperate men! Neal McDonough—aka the world’s hottest albino—is terrifyingly creepy and brings fantastic new energy and intensity to the show (think Kevin McKidd on Grey’s), and Lynette and Tom’s terror of twins, Porter and Preston, are now 16 and played by Charles and Max Carver, two 20-year-old USC students who look a little like Matt Damon and will make a few of you younger female viewers all tingly. (Stand by for a meet-and-greet with them very soon.)

  • I gasped when I saw them in Season 5 of Desperate Housewives!!! 😀

    And my god, is Shawn Pyfrom hot!!! You know, Andrew. 🙂

    Oh and to be honest I don’t really find Gale Harold hot either. James Denton is sooooooooo much hotter!! ^-^

  • leonard

    like i need to take a shower, because unless they are at least 18 i feel like i should be on that show to catch a predator

  • leonard

    like i need to take a shower, because if their not at least 18 that i should be on that show to catch a predator!

  • AaronJ

    I feel
    I feel ..
    I feel …
    I feel ….

  • Psiwire

    Why do I have the feeling one of those boys is gonna be bangin’ a desperate housewife by the end of November sweeps?

  • Phuzz

    Too Young for Fun

  • KarmaLysing

    Yep, give ’em five years. Nope, Gale Harold not that hot.

  • mcorbin32

    These two boys are yummy NOW! I can just imagine what they’ll look like in 5 years…

    Gale Harold is HOT! No matter what anyone says, but he was hottest on QAF with the young hottie who played Justin, everyone’s go to admit that!

  • Duckhunter1

    I wouldnt made making love to them double the pleasure

  • Nic

    It really makes me feel dirty…….little Porter and Preston are hot! lol

  • Matt

    They are both 20? DAM!!! I liked them better when I thought they were 16 :-p

  • Fudgeru

    Actually, to me they kinda remind me of the Winklevoss twins:

  • phil

    Yeah but is the world ready for twin Matt Damons???…

  • phil

    and can my “avatar” be the buff dude that psiwire uses?…

  • J

    wait what? this show fasttracked to the future? are they on the Lost island?

  • Curtis

    Yep they are hot, I would take them both at once please!!!

  • Duckhunter1

    Why not twice? One in back humping you and one in front you humping them?

  • wehotom

    I agree with you. Gale Harold is not hot.

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  • They are gorgeous!

  • So fitt!!

  • Hey !! I love desperate housewiives !! I m french so i dont speak very well So , Twins You Are …. WoAwwwwwwww !!! Kiss of U !

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  • Brian

    Just found this website browsing to see how old the Carver twins are. When I found out they were 20…..HOT HOT HOT!!!! and the shirtless pic…NICE…shower time baby!

  • kourtney

    they are gorgeous

  • Sophie

    He is so hot i would love to be his girlfriend!!!

  • james43

    They look a lot like matt!

  • Bob E

    About the twins, I feel really really good.

    About Gale Harold, is it true that Gale had a life-threatening motorcycle
    Was this clip from after that accident??
    Clue me in fellow fans of Queer as Folk and a fan of Gale
    (not so much for his hotness but his talent)
    Thanks much.

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