How Does This Make You Feel?

Gavyn Michaels

To keep the blog interesting (was it interesting in the first place? — you don’t say!), let me introduce you to a new type of post, “How Does This Make You Feel”. I will post a picture of a hot/not/maybe guy, post a brief description and you guys tell me how do you feel about it. This way I can quick post whoever I want without having to deal with the guilt and dodge too many bullets!

For starters, here’s Gavyn Michaels. Gavyn is a 25 year old model from “The Botox Show” also known as “Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency”. He’s an aspiring actor as well. I think he has a serious case of the gayface and a tad much pretty but uhm okay, he can sit with me right here. On that note, does anyone watch that trashy show anymore? Besides myself, of course.

I need to remind you that this is NOT my way of luring them to visit this website! I know that some people Google themselves on daily basis but honestly, I’m not planting little hot boys traps in here! I lied.

More skin and poses at Gavyn’s MySpace

Gavyn Michaels Shirtless in Underwear

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