How Does This Make You Feel?

Gavyn Michaels

To keep the blog interesting (was it interesting in the first place? — you don’t say!), let me introduce you to a new type of post, “How Does This Make You Feel”. I will post a picture of a hot/not/maybe guy, post a brief description and you guys tell me how do you feel about it. This way I can quick post whoever I want without having to deal with the guilt and dodge too many bullets!

For starters, here’s Gavyn Michaels. Gavyn is a 25 year old model from “The Botox Show” also known as “Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency”. He’s an aspiring actor as well. I think he has a serious case of the gayface and a tad much pretty but uhm okay, he can sit with me right here. On that note, does anyone watch that trashy show anymore? Besides myself, of course.

I need to remind you that this is NOT my way of luring them to visit this website! I know that some people Google themselves on daily basis but honestly, I’m not planting little hot boys traps in here! I lied.

More skin and poses at Gavyn’s MySpace

Gavyn Michaels Shirtless in Underwear

  • Psiwire

    Cute, but generic. Minus two points, ’cause speedos are just WRONG unless you’re on a high school swim team. Minus two points for annoying MySpace page music.

    As for the “Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency”? It might actually be watchable if they got rid of the world’s oldest supermodel. And she definitely strikes me as somebody who Googles herself daily.

    And you should have some kind of definitive scale on which we can pass judgment on the guy. A scale of ‘I threw up o my keyboard’ on the low end, to ‘I did something else on my keyboard’ on the high end.

  • DoverDavid

    If it were a natural pose, the arms would lay against the sides of the body, not off to the sides. And that is an easy look to maintain at age 25, lets see him in 20 years.

  • Bruno

    Too hot to hold for long ….

  • I totally agree about the scale thing. Will work something out soon and your description couldn’t be more precise LOL.

  • Michaelrbn

    First of all, nothing wrong with a speedo, even a teeny, tiny one. And, yes I force myself to watch JDMA in hopes of seeing something interesting (the models, I mean, the “plots” of this “reality” show are coma inducing). The show gets special points though for that ridiculous Security uniform she makes my favorite Romanian model Sorin run around in.

  • rodmdz

    Cute, but nothing special.
    I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed of course… but I wouldn’t “marry” him either.

  • KarmaLysing

    He gets points for not over-doing the gym, and he is pretty, but there’s that whole “charisma-free” thing… I’d give him, “He could clean my pool in boxer-briefs whilst I watched”.



  • Ah Sorin… He should never wear any type of clothing and shut his mouth for eternity. All that whining are a huge turnoff. And yeah we have to give props to Grandma Janice for that security outfit and Sorin for having enough balls to wear it. He’s the biggest Christmas tree in JDMA and he knows it.

    Wait, I think we have a Romanian here. DorkDamsel where u at?

  • AaronJ

    No secret that I like smooth and pretty.

    How about (on the scale) I *almost* did something else on my keyboard.

    I like candid way more than posed. A speedo is okay in the context of water being somewhere in the vicinity. I also like ‘open your mouth when you have something good to say, otherwise shadup’.

    Never watched JDMA.

    I keep forgetting to remember … Square WHO is that beautiful man in the background? I feel like I should know, but I don’t. I’ve been too busy watching the Sarah Connor Chronicle guys most of this week on DVD. Yeah, one track mind. My misspent youth is upon me.

  • Yes you should know. His name is Jason Sudeikis and he’s mine. MINE. MIINNNEEEEE!!!

  • Phuzz

    Not my type, but a good looking guy

  • AaronJ

    Square, I dunno know about you, but MY mom taught me to share my playthings.


  • Dewey Mee

    I don’t know why many seem to hate smooth guys. I like smooth guys, hairy guys…Okay, I’M INTO GUYS!!!! But I have to agree with an earlier post on this “model” guy. He’s cute, but not Sexy. Kyle of “Worst Week” IS SEXY!!! This model is “cute, but generic.”

  • Ryan

    I’d put a paper bag over his head and then fuck the shit out of him.

  • chris

    unfortunately, no he isn’t that great looking. nice face, but boring in the posing department, and he was on the janice dickinson modeling agency? she’s all about posing. antm season 6 anyone?

    btw, anyone else love antm, like i do?

  • He’s nice, hot, and doable. Best of all, he’s smooth! Yes, I said it! I prefer smooth! Eddie Cibrian, THANK YOU FOR SHAVING! Everyone should shave!

  • Me me! I’m a sucker for lame reality shows, but ANTM isn’t my capping field. JDMA is.

  • Curtis

    He is cute but the best one on Janice’s show is JP Calderon he is hot!! And if you could can you get some picks of her new hotties Paul Vanderhouf and Martin Ritchie, maybe Patton too. Thanks love this site!!

  • leonard

    with this guy, oooooooh! perfect!

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  • bobby

    gavyn’s been cast in a play here in los angeles. check it out:

  • Marcus

    I know Gavyn from when he was in South East Asia doing his first modeling gig… Met him when he was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 3 or so months. He’s an amazing guy – funny, witty, smart and kind. Plus he’s really easy on the eyes 😉

    So yeah, he has the personality to back up his looks.

  • Brian

    He’s a really cool guy! He has his own myspace page and he’s my myspace friend and we talk back and forth sometimes! His modeling pics are INCREDIBLE! And he looks MUCH hotter in them than these pics. Up close his face is so adorable and his body is beautiful and he sounds like a fun dude!

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