Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau Shirtless

I used to think that the hardest thing about Jon Favreau was spelling his last name, but after stumbling upon the TV movie “Rocky Marciano”, I guess I can see what qualifies him to direct a movie called “Iron Man”. Jon’s body is smokin’ hot in this flick! He’s big, beefy and dripping with sweat. Does it get any better?

Jon Favreau Shirtless

  • Colby Varner

    I always loved this guy… There’s something about him that made him SCREAMING HOT…. Despite becoming a daddy and letting that nice figure go…

  • Rod

    Uhm… I have my eye on him since he appeared shirtless on a few episodes of Friends…
    Too bad he’s smooth..

  • Charles Cohen

    Psi — this is one hot post. I remember seeing this movie and being so impressed with how much Favreau had bulked up. Since then he’s gotten a little soft and pudgy. It’s great seeing these pix when he was prime. Thanks!

  • Milton

    WOW!! Jon certainly does have some nice breasticles. Always thought he had potential, but was just a little too pudgy when I first became aware of him. Now I gotta see the Rocky Marciano move, just to see those man-boobs in action. Great candidate for a mansierre, or ‘bro. Remember, from “Seinfield”?

  • Dewey Mee

    Favreau also directed Will Ferrell in my XMAS Fav “Elf.” He plays the Dr. who does the paternity test on Will/Elf Buddy. Here’s the thing: I thought he was HOT in his white Dr. Coat!!!!! I LOVE SMOOTH MEN!!!!! We’re not ALL crazy for hair here at Squarehippies.
    Anyway, Favreau’s wife is one lucky lady to have him in her bed!!!! Pity, Favreau’s navel (my male hot spot) is hidden by those Boxer Trunks, but you can’t have everything… and what I can see here; (Oh, that sweaty, glowing chest) is much more than a pleasing tease!

  • michael

    does ANYONE have shirtless photos of matt la blanc??? he was always soooo hot and i never see anything. someone HELP

  • michael

    i like this jon la favor guy. hes very “beefy” and i like to know when i get rolled over on. none of these skinny little twink things for me. can you imagine him with a dark furry chest and a treasure line that goes alllll the way down…..well, you get the picture. um um um, its gettin hot up in here baby.

  • sassywench

    HOTTEST SMOOTH CHEST ever! Well, not ever but it’s nice and sweaty! I almost think he shaves. His chest has the unnaturally smooth look.
    Good choice!

  • deej

    Uh…er…I feel unconnected suddenly…Dan Akroyd and then this guy…the guy with the clueless face…that look of innocent ignorance…duh…which way’d they go? OK…I understand the “eye of the beholder” thing, but come on…that face is always so damned dumb looking…I just can’t get past it. To boot, I’ve seen him act…well, sort of. OK…enjoy if you must…but can we get back to real hotties soon?

  • I agree. With everyone else! This one is definitely one of the best beefy, sweaty smooth bodies I’ve seen in months (wait were there such combo in the first place?). His face is very attractive as well as I’m all about suburban dad charms. Is Favreau a French name? I see some Italian hotness in there and totally in love the sweaty caps. His body looks like it’s glistening with oil instead of sweat which is a good thing. Either way, WANT.

    Having said that, I can’t say the same about Jon today. Good times. But he directed the awesomeness that is Iron Man so, okay I’d still hit it. If it takes me to Robert Downey Jr. why not?

  • sassywench

    Well, I had to come back and look at this hot sweaty prime beef again. I can’t get enough!

  • buffotenor

    I thought I was the only one who burned with secret lust for Jon Favreau. Glad to know I’m not alone! (Although I’m probably the only one who still finds him sexy today.) This post made my week!

  • Reese

    I first saw this guy on “Friends” and wanted to see him shirtless back then. Thanks for posting this. The beefy, loyal, masculinity of this guy is beautiful. Great chest. I, too, wish we could see his navel.

  • Madison

    Damn, he has some of the nicest tits I’ve ever seen

  • BayAreaGuy

    Yes, but it’s too bad he’s such a fat pig these days. That kinda cools my jets as I look at these pics of him (even though he’s still not very hot in them).

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