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Sometimes a movie is so terrible that eventually it becomes a kind of Hollywood legend. Think “Ishtar” or “Showgirls” or that first live-action “Fantastic Four” movie that was so terrible it had to be literally locked away in a vault. Is “The Love Guru” destined to join this unholy film canon? Only time will tell, but it’s so mind-numbingly bad that it certainly seems like a possibility. Luckily I think Justin Timberlake’s career is healthy enough to survive this kind of bomb. Justin plays an inhumanly well-endowed French hockey player and affects one of the worst movie accents I’ve ever heard. Of course much of the time he’s doing that accent he has his shirt off, so I for one can overlook it. As for the John Holmes look, complete with a 70’s porn ‘stache? Oddly it kind of worked for me on Justin. Go figure. Let’s hope he picks better material in the future.

Justin Timberlake Shirtless in The Love Guru

  • leonard

    aw, cmon. next you’ll be giving me john mc cain in the raw. ewww!

  • KarmaLysing

    I think the porn ‘stache works for Little Justin because it makes him look older than twelve.

    He’s got an amazing body, but again with the “no charisma” thing, at least for me…

  • It works for Justin and for me. I never think of him as “hot” but I get why people are crazy over him. The pronstache makes me not wanna kick him out of the bed so that’s good.

    p.s: I’m a BSB fan but don’t tell anyone. I guess that explains it.

  • rodmdz

    McCain looked good when he was young… thou he’s a douche.

    Justin, me likey… would love to see his weewee…

  • DoverDavid


  • Chunkygut26

    I would LOVE it if Justin got chunky, but I’m not mad at him! His bod is still yummy! I’m so curious to see what his legend is in actuality.Thanks for this!

  • AaronJ

    Pornstache? Not so much.

    But there was a time when I REALLY liked him.

    BSB? I can’t believe Square sorta kinda likes BSB. It is sooo nice to discover that one is not alone on this big blue marble.

    Seriously. BSB rocks.

  • Oh I forgot to tell you that I kinda dig John Holmes, so pronstache is good for me. Not many people can carry it well but Justin isn’t one of them. Is he in the process of making a new album now? His career seems to have slowed down lately. Pray to his stylists that he’ll come out with something fresh and droolworthy, but no whiteboyfro please.

    And yes, BSB 4ever! (Excuse the inner teenage fangirl in me, it will go away eventually I promise)

  • TKR

    His character’s not just French, he’s French-Canadian. Otherwise known as Acadian. As far as Acadian accents go that’s exactly what they sound like. Don’t believe me? Take a trip to Quebec Canada for a week. It’s actually a very well researched accent, he did a good job with it. lol

  • Curtis

    I think Justin is mega HOT!! Even tho this movie wasn’t his best LOL He was the best thing in the movie. Him being shirtless is reason enough to buy it just so you can pause it and look at his hot body. I would love to spend a night or two, three, week, year, life, with him!

  • he is so freakin hot.

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