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Sometimes a movie is so terrible that eventually it becomes a kind of Hollywood legend. Think “Ishtar” or “Showgirls” or that first live-action “Fantastic Four” movie that was so terrible it had to be literally locked away in a vault. Is “The Love Guru” destined to join this unholy film canon? Only time will tell, but it’s so mind-numbingly bad that it certainly seems like a possibility. Luckily I think Justin Timberlake’s career is healthy enough to survive this kind of bomb. Justin plays an inhumanly well-endowed French hockey player and affects one of the worst movie accents I’ve ever heard. Of course much of the time he’s doing that accent he has his shirt off, so I for one can overlook it. As for the John Holmes look, complete with a 70’s porn ‘stache? Oddly it kind of worked for me on Justin. Go figure. Let’s hope he picks better material in the future.

Justin Timberlake Shirtless in The Love Guru

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