Lovin’ McLovin

McLovin, Tyler Lautner, Zac Efron and Jake Sandvig

Is it just me or… is McLovin looking real hot on the recent VMAs? Yes I still have the urge to corrupt him but who doesn’t right? He’s a perfect 10 on the adorkable scale. Wait, he IS the adorkable scale. Just thought I’d get the word out.

Okay fine. For those who have just said eww (I heard that!), how about this hottie awareness alert for a change. The name Jake Sandvig may not ring a bell but he’s been in “Sky High”, “Journey Man”, “Once and Again”, “Veronica Mars” and “The Amanda Show.” Hot right? Score one for team facial hair! via Caramelitos Varoniles

Jake Sandvig

Here are a couple more VMA hotness worth mention. Tyler Lautner is growing up real fine. I remembered him as that cute (and very tanned too, what’s up with that?) kid who looks like a hot 25 year old in “Cheaper By The Dozen 2”. “Twilight” might be the hottest tween movie of 2008 and I have nothing against it. I mean — Cam Gigandet, Robert Pattinson, Billy Burke and Kellan Lutz as well? I’m sold.

Twillight Cast

Just so you know, the one at the far right with heavy eye makeup is a dude.

Tyler Lautner

Wait a minute, who is this beautiful girl? Oh, it’s our Miss Efron. Foundation much? Don’t hate me. You know I’m just kidding. Sort of. He looked a bit heavy here no?

Zac Efron

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