Lovin’ McLovin

McLovin, Tyler Lautner, Zac Efron and Jake Sandvig

Is it just me or… is McLovin looking real hot on the recent VMAs? Yes I still have the urge to corrupt him but who doesn’t right? He’s a perfect 10 on the adorkable scale. Wait, he IS the adorkable scale. Just thought I’d get the word out.

Okay fine. For those who have just said eww (I heard that!), how about this hottie awareness alert for a change. The name Jake Sandvig may not ring a bell but he’s been in “Sky High”, “Journey Man”, “Once and Again”, “Veronica Mars” and “The Amanda Show.” Hot right? Score one for team facial hair! via Caramelitos Varoniles

Jake Sandvig

Here are a couple more VMA hotness worth mention. Tyler Lautner is growing up real fine. I remembered him as that cute (and very tanned too, what’s up with that?) kid who looks like a hot 25 year old in “Cheaper By The Dozen 2”. “Twilight” might be the hottest tween movie of 2008 and I have nothing against it. I mean — Cam Gigandet, Robert Pattinson, Billy Burke and Kellan Lutz as well? I’m sold.

Twillight Cast

Just so you know, the one at the far right with heavy eye makeup is a dude.

Tyler Lautner

Wait a minute, who is this beautiful girl? Oh, it’s our Miss Efron. Foundation much? Don’t hate me. You know I’m just kidding. Sort of. He looked a bit heavy here no?

Zac Efron

  • Robert Frank

    Zac Efron is maturing, growing more muscular, and preparing to step into action and leading man roles. He has already started to look more rugged while retaining his male beauty. This 100% str8 boy will be growing his female fan base exponentially while wooing more and more lucky ladies to bed with him. Hopefully he won’t fall into the trap of so many teen idols but rather will navigate his career like Johnny Depp. I can’t wait to see him in a beard or at lest a mustache.

  • Jazz

    Zac Efron loves himself way too much. He knows he is good looking and plays off it.

  • Milton

    Just thought you’d like to know, his name is Taylor Lautner, not Tyler. I have him on my friends list, on my My Space page. He was in a movie called “The Adventures of Shark Boy & Lava Girl”. Will also appear in the new vampire movie, Twilight”.
    He has a pretty good website. Very little background info on him, as far as his heritage. But I’ve seen a picture of him, & someone who seems that he could be his father, who looks to be of either Middle Eastern, or maybe partial southeast Asian ancestry. I’ve sent him a message regarding this, but have yet to receive an answer.
    Zac HAS bulked up now . He seems to be hitting the gym. He’s a lot more muscular, now. Much manlier.
    That Jake Sanvig is a hottie. I think that young guys can pull off facial hair better than older guys. Gotta go & Google him, now.

  • André

    zac efrom maybe be muscular but i think he’s like leonardo di caprio..who used to be gorgeous when he was a teenager and then grew up and became weird.
    They look too much like girls..there’s no way they can be handsome men..not even with bulging biceps or whatever.

  • Xavier

    I think, like many others, that yes ZAc is maturing. Honestly, I started out only liking him cause hes HOT…. now I think there is more to him. Would I like to be in bed with him? Of course, but I dont think thats a possibility seeing how hes ‘straight.’ WEll, I might go see the new HSM movie, or I might not.

  • the picture of zac efron, reminds me of Jared Leto<33

  • metcalfe

    We need more Robert Pattinson photos on here!!

  • Shellie

    omg twilight is so amazing!!!!!! taylor is sooooooooooo hotttttttt!!!!!

  • Shellie

    omg twilight is so amazing!!!!!! taylor is sooooooooooo hotttttttt!!!!!

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