Poll: The Hills Douches

The Hills Douches

Okay first of all, of course not every single one of them is a douche. I shouldn’t pass judgment too early. I’m sure they don’t sit on their asses all day chasing girls, pissing people off and worry about the next shag. Either way, the dudes on “The Hills” are undeniably hot. Hold on a sec, does anyone else watch that shit of a show? Please tell me you do so I can feel better about myself! Anyways, new week, new poll — hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with this trend. Which of these “Hills” douchebags hunks you’d hit first? I’m torn between Brody Jenner and Doug Reinhardt. What the heck, I’ll take both. I’m pretty sure they don’t mind. Hot tub here we come!

Oh, that last name? I just wanted to see if there’s someone out there who’s willing to vote for him, other than himself. Forgive me if you feel offended. Voting is also available in the right sidebar on all other pages. Go Team Whitney!

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  • Psiwire

    I’d have to do Spencer Pratt. He seems dumb enough that you could talk him into doing anything you want. Anything.

  • Good point. But would you mind if he’s texting on his iPhone while the magic happens? I do.

  • AaronJ

    As long as he’s texting “Wow, this AaronJ guy is one HOT cool man. I just can’t get enough of him. He’s mine MINE MIIIIIIINNEEEE Bwah ha ha ha ha!!”

  • Brody Jenner, followed by Justin Booby.

  • Psiwire

    Well, he’d have to be texting, Square. It’s rude to talk with your mouth full.

  • ROFL

  • Nikki

    Brody Jenner is the only one I would let put it in me.

  • KarmaLysing

    While I admire the aesthetic qualities of the two in the center, as soon as either of them opened his mouth, I’d have to kill him. (Nothing personal, strictly for the good of the human gene pool). Ergo, my vote is with “None of the Above”…

  • Petey

    God I hate them all so much I can barely articulate it. The Devil incarnate all of em.

  • nik

    justin bobby. Then brody

  • Young Neil

    Yeah, see, these are the kind of guys that would make me feel straight.

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