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James Marsden, Daniel Radcliffe and Jason Statham

Cultivation Effort

So the promo stills from one of the most anticipated films of fall (okay not really but that’s not the point), “Sex Drive” have been released. I hate this movie, solely because they misused James Marsden’s perfectly cultivated chest by not getting him shirtless! Evidence as follows.

James Marsden in Sex Drive


James Marsden in Sex Drive

James Marsden in Sex Drive

Back Muscles Fest

I think Jason Statham has maxed out his back muscles. Any more and he’ll need a new body. I’m not suggesting anything but if you stand back and cross your eyes a bit, you can see something else. Can’t wait for “Death Race” to be released on DVD!

Jason Statham in Death Race


This part is optional hotness. It’s a common knowledge I don’t fancy Daniel Radcliffe much. This picture from the latest Details magazine photo shoot just confirmed that notion. Well, I guess some, okay a lot of people will like this. Harry Potter does NOT mix well with anime. Leave that to Justin Chatwin! Does anyone do normal photo shoots anymore? *clicks Rupert Grint’s page 10 times* DanielRadcliffe.com via ONTD

Daniel Radcliffe Shirtless in Details

I Can Has Pretty?

The trailer for Never Back Down 2 “Forever Strong” is somehow full of cheese, but I can’t complaint since Penn Badgley looks AMAZING in this. Oh and some dude named Sean Faris too. Seriously, he needs to embrace the pretty and go back to making shirtless teen flicks.

Shirtless Rugby Players in Forever Strong

Penn Badgley in Forever Strong

Penn Badgley in Forever Strong

Penn Badgley in Forever Strong

Penn Badgley in Forever Strong

Sean Faris in Forever Strong

Sean Faris in Forever Strong

Sean Faris in Forever Strong

Sean Faris in Forever Strong

Don’t tell anyone but I seriously had a thing or two for Gary Cole. That’s all.

Gary Cole in Forever Strong

Gary Cole in Forever Strong

  • AaronJ

    According to my Dad, one of Gary Cole’s best TV series was “Midnight Caller”. He just sent me the theme song from the show. If you like jazz, you can find it on Amazon. For Daniel and I, Sunday is all about sunshine (especially after tropical storm Hanna dumped on us all day yesterday) and jazz.

    So, I understand you, Square. Gary is very nice. Bad boy kinda nice.

    And about these other guys? I’m speechless. James Marsden … Lust at first sight. James Franco, like I said yesterday, just kills me.

    Awesome job as usual Square. Sunday is now also all about Squarehippies! 🙂

  • cohencha

    You’re so right about James Marsden. Not only is he wearing a shirt, but it’s an ugly one. What a waste.

  • Robert Frank

    The pic of James Marsden with his sleeves rolled up and chest hair peeking out of his collar is very hot.

  • Bruno

    Gary Cole is one of the daddy´s hot friends that I intend to get to know better.

  • QCNiceGuy

    It should be mandatory that James Marsden always remove his shirt and that a razor should NEVER touch his chest. He is always at the top of my desirability list!

  • Cyrus 2.0

    Yeah I know ‘Hippies that u don’t like “The Dan” but u must admit he has matured most nicely…And as 4 Mr Marsden he has always been a ‘firm’ favourite!!! And Penn simply looks gorgeous!!! Okay thanks!!!

  • Psiwire

    Sometimes I think Daniel Radcliffe goes out of his way to look odd. He’s capable of looking extremely hot (as in the “Equus” promos), but more often then not he looks like something you’d cross the street to avoid.

  • DB

    That pic of daniel radcliffe is one of the photos from a photoshoot where he would look like singer/actor David Bowie from Bowie’s film
    “The man who fell to earth”

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