Something Really Exciting

Okay, it’s not that exciting but you know me, I tend to exaggerate stuff. You might have noticed that big blue gravatar icons next to your comments. Some people already have their gravatars done so that’s great. For those who don’t have one yet, here’s a few very simple steps on how you can upload your own delicious avatar:

1. Go to

2. Register with your email. For people who have already registered as a user on, remember to use the SAME email you’ve used when you registered at this website. This way all of your previous posts will be displayed with your new avatar as well.

3. Once you have registered, follow the instructions there on how to upload your picture. Any size would do as you’ll be able to crop out the image in the next step. You can switch your desired display image over there whenever you like and change will reflect on

4. To make things easier, don’t forget to register yourself at this website as well so you don’t have to fill in your name, email, yada yada each time you make a comment, which is a pain in the butt.

That’s it! As for me, I was torn between this:

Sudeikis as Jim Halpert

And this:

Jason Sudeikis

Things I’d do to that man… Anyways, let me know if you’re having troubles okay? Oh and please for the love of Krasinski NO peen shots!!!

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