What the Hell?

Long Ashton Football Club Players Shirtless

What in the hairy chest hell is this? Call the human rights activists! You don’t do that to a perfectly fine forestry on a (really hot) guy’s chest! You just DON’T! Seeing Aaron Eckhart shaving his chest is one thing but this? I need to sit down and have a drink, it’s too much for my fragile heart.

In case anyone care who this is, it’s the chaps from Long Ashton Football Club from “The Sex Education Show” (ask Google) posted by Casperfan. I don’t know this particular lad’s name and I refused to learn. Don’t get me wrong, we are totally in love with the Brits but this is totally outrageous.

Long Ashton Football Club Players Shirtless

Long Ashton Football Club Players Shirtless

Long Ashton Football Club Players Shirtless

  • AaronJ

    Square, I think he reverted to his childhood. You know .. “Cross my heart (the cross over the heart), hope to die, stick a needle in my eye.”

    Or maybe a ‘hot cross bun’ symbol for Easter. You know it’s confusing how they keep moving Easter around all the time. So maybe it’s a religious experience.

    Either that or he’s just whacked.

    Go figger.

  • sassywench

    Wrong, just wrong! Square, I am going to join you in that drink and take a nerve pill.

  • KarmaLysing


  • That’s a good point Aaron. But still, I can’t bear to even look at it. It hurts. This is ten times worse than totally shaving your chest. Make that twenty.

    Here guys, have a nerve pill or two. Let me know if you need more.

  • ntemis

    absolutely wrong movement but he’s still hot and sexy…

  • Matt

    maybe he lost a bet

  • QCNiceGuy

    Why, dear God, why????????????? To be that young and that hairy is a gift!

  • chip

    Cheers to all you guys and your comments, but shaved or not he’s handsome and it’s just kinda fun…

  • chip

    …and it’ll grow back. [Sorry, I hit ‘enter’ too soon!]

  • ntemis

    smart and very right comments by chip…agree with you

  • chip

    Thank you very much, ntemis, that’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to me today!!

  • fleetmonkey

    Its supposed to be be the St George Cross – showing his national English Pride

  • Rich

    Thank God he stopped and left his treasure trail.

  • Danny Bright

    I’m the one who shaved my chest, it was only a joke cause it was on tv and I shaved it off straight after, my names dan bright and thanks for saying that I’m handsome.

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