A Bad Krazinski

John Krasinski as Jim Halpert

His birthday was like a week ago and all I did was fooling around with Mikey Day. Sorry, honey! I promise I’ll make it up to you tonight! Anyways, I have decided to punish myself by making this awesome wallpaper featuring non other than my second imaginary husband in a variety of damn cute expressions. Crazy fanboy alert! Ah, the joy of self inflicting torture…

Available sizes: 1280 pixels and 1024 pixels (opens in new window)

Jim Halpert Wallpaper

For the two of you who actually downloaded this, enjoy! Now excuse me while I go try to get a life.

  • moxie

    Hey, make that 3 of us – very nice!!

  • AaronJ

    Thanks to you Square, I have updated my repertoire of faces for any occasion. Those are my stock in trade when I’m studying.

    Oh yeah, that makes 4 downloads.

  • Thanks for downloading, guys! My 15 minutes of hard work didn’t go to waste after all. But you know the drill right? Look, don’t touch. Heh.

  • dickie

    Well, you are now up to 5! Thanks for the download.
    JK is awesome!

  • Robert Frank

    I noticed him right away long before he started becoming a sex symbol. I liked the way he opened his collar and rolled up his sleeves. He’s manly and sexy in a subtle, every day way

  • Look don’t touch? Ha! You abandoned him on his birthday week and now you will have to fight to get him back. LOL!

  • biggestFAN

    Cheers! Mac & John rocks!

  • What a guy to do? It’s hard when you have like four husbands, each with different needs!

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