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More Ben Foster Shirtless in Birds of America

I can’t really say why Ben Foster is hot. His face is kind of odd and he has a bad tattoos in every movie he’s shirtless in (so I’m assuming they’re real) and his voice is oddly nasal and whiny. But nonetheless he is kind of hot. Not half as desirable as his brother Jon, but still sexy. These pics are from the movie “Birds Of America”, which was brought to my attention by ‘Mad Eye2’ in the forums.

  • Mandy

    I remember him from this kid show back in the 90’s where he was secretly in love with his best friend/neighbor. I also remember rushing off the bus so I wouldn’t miss the beginning of it….aww, the good ole’ days.

  • michael

    looks like little jon i packin a gun under that green towel. the movie may be worth a “peek”

  • He is an absolute yum. With those boyish qualities, I think it’s the hair that determines whether his character on screen. The less hair, the badder he becomes.

    Oh, and lovin’ the chest fuzz too!

  • Petey

    I totally love this one. His intense eyes, beautiful aquiline nose and sandy almost deliciously ginger hair. Thought he was hawt since 6 Feet Under. Even still kinda fancied him in 30 Days of Night. So wrong, but so right.

  • Phuzz

    seriously always respect a guy willing to go that shirtless, that much, but really ugly pit shot

  • Adrian

    I’m not so sure about the tats being real. As I recall, he had none in his turn as the mutant Angel in X-Men 3. In fact, that whole character’s look was a big departure for Ben: shaved, tan, ripped and totally hot!

  • Patrick

    The first time I saw on “Six Feet Under” I was smitten.

  • WarpedRecord

    Methinks the pit shot is really beautiful!

  • Duckhunter1

    Mandy it was Flash Forward and I wish they made a dvd of it

    Tucker loses his boxers and runs only in his sneakers lovely scene too!

  • Duckhunter1

    Ben is blonde haired not ginger haired

    and his so yummy a yummy blonde furball

    those legs are like a forest!


    Here is why is so desiable. He has the most beautiful blue eyes a sweet delicate mouth. His body is on point and with or without hair he is just gorgeous.

  • Josh

    I had my first “attraction” to Ben when I saw him in Alpha Dog. I see him here and there and I remember that I think he’s hot, but he’s not a guy who stands out in easy memory as an attraction. Maybe he just doesn’t get enough exposure himself.

    As for what it is about him, his “sexy”, as Square put it — For me it’s just him. He’s a kinda small guy, so you want to protect him, hold him, keep him close – but then on the other hand he seems like he’s probably pretty scrappy and rough around the edges maybe. His body is pretty sexy, he’s got a small build but he’s got a nice musculature, good legs and thighs, nice arms, his got that masculine facial hair thing going on – he’s got a hairy chest – and I have a feeling he’s one of those small dudes who’s packin not a long cock, but a thick, average sized one. He’s got a nice ass, very fuckable for sure….

    All in all I have a feeling that little Ben would be a mean, hot, hard and probably nasty fuck for sure! Nasty in a good way…. just sweaty, dirty talk, hardcore, just n a s t y. Yeah, I’d hit that, and hit it hard!

    Just saw him in The Mechanic and he has a semi-gay scene where he’s pretending to be gay to lure a bad guy to his doom — but DAMN, my imagination sure took it a few steps further than t he movie…..

    Yep, Ben Foster is definitely a sexy little bitch!

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