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Ed Norton Shirtless

I think Edward Norton has set the new standard for shirtlessness in a superhero movie with “The Incredible Hulk”. Sure, there’s no award for that in Hollywood (yet), but I can certainly laud his achievement. I didn’t sit at home with a stopwatch or anything, but it’s quite possible that Ed spends more time with his shirt off in this movie then he spends with it on. And why not? His body looks phenomenal. Better even then he looked in “Fight Club”, I think. And Ed’s skin isn’t the only reason to watch this movie. It’s actually really good!

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Was I the only one that found the Hulk to be oddly hot?

  • Colby Varner

    Hey! This guy’s been hot since American History X! I like him since and it never stopped!


    GREAT TORSO!!!!!!!!!!

  • KarmaLysing

    Lean, wiry, defined… GIMME!!!

  • I love this guy. Whether he is hard-bodied like this or a mushy priest in a romantic comedy, i just love him. A big THANKS to square for getting the DVD on its release day for us!

    And a bigger thanks and a smootch for adding LeadingMenCollection.com to the shirtless alliance. You can now buy the actual shirts off your favorite shirtless hunks’ backs (as well as pants, undies, shoes, etc!)

    And we even have a shirt from Edward Norton from this film! Enjoy!

  • Milton

    I’ve always thought that Edward Norton was hot. He also bears a very strong resemblance to my former boyfriend, who I’m still friends with, but since he’s moved away, we’re no longer together. Very similar facial stucture & body shape.Yum! Oh, stop being jealous ,Squarehippies. He even had(legitimately) a sexy southern(South Carolina) accent , like Edward had in his movie, “Primal Fear”.

  • I haven’t seen this one yet (probably the last person on earth too) and this is exactly a good reason to watch, drool and repeat. I like Ed’s boyish qualities, you can see it even in American History X.

    And for the last time, I did NOT make this post! It’s by our super duper co-author Psiwire. Read the meta, people! 🙂

  • Justin

    I’ve seen every movie he has been in even the indie ones.

    When I was younger, my goal in life was to marry Edward Norton. When I got older I realized that wasn’t going to happen. It does although happen nightly in my dreams.

  • WarpedRecord

    Ed’s in great shape, but how did he lose all that muscle after “American History X”? Or was that all done with camera angles?

    I think some facial hair would help his look, but of course, I say that about everyone — well, at least all the guys.

    And lest Ed be mistaken for a himbo, I think he’s one of the finest actors working today.

  • KarmaLysing

    Warped – Staying that ripped requires an incredible amount of effort. Once he stopped weight training for hours, daily, he probably had returned to his natural body type within a couple months.

  • AaronJ

    Nope Square … 2nd to the last person on Earth. However, it’s in the mail.

  • Christopher S.

    Love him in anything. There is something definitely hot about him.

  • Mandy

    I think it’s his voice that does it for me….and his eyes…..and definitely his smile…and probably his body.

    I think I didn’t blink while watching “The Painted Veil.” Whoa!

  • Phuzz

    he goes in the ‘something about him’ catagory

  • deej

    I’ve always liked the guy…terrific actor, and sexy although somewhat goofy looking most of the time. I was very disappointed that there was to be yet another (in recent history) re-make of “The Incredible Hulk” and have no intention of ever seeing it, even with Ed in it. I am glad to hear that you thought it was a good movie…gives me hope that the guy didn’t make the dumb decision I originally thought he made. Still…no interest in this one at all and I hope it’s the last re-hashing of this material that Hollywood feels compelled to do. Where are all the aspiring screen writers hiding? Isnt’ there anything really fresh that can be done up well? Is America really that dumbed-down after 8 years of Bush?

  • KarmaLysing

    I think America’s suffering from about fifty years of a Democrat-controlled Congress, actually, Deej. We had a brief break from 1994 to 2006, but then the status quo returned, lucky us.

  • WarpedRecord

    Thanks for the reply, KarmaLysing! Obviously, I’m rather naive on what it means to be ripped. 😉

  • Sam


  • La tua cantante

    Edward’s Body was SMOKING in the incredible hulk,DAMN!
    Hes one of those guys that is like..ther is somthing about him that makes him HOT. For me,it’s Everything! hahahaha anyways,yea hes hot.
    Had a dream about him last night out of the blue so I left a comment.

  • Micks

    And THIS is why I love Edward Norton. AMAZING actor (in my eyes, he can do no wrong), and he’s just wonderful. I love him. Always will.

  • cecil

    my husband has the best bod ever <3

  • eber hart

    As far as we can tell, the long rich Ed Norton is maintaining TOTAL SUCK-UP SILENCE in the face of gargantuan revelations of ‘peacetime’ genocide in
    Hollywood’s ‘fave’ franchise-slum paradise —ACROSS the Pacific
    ( 70 million exterminated in ‘peacetime’ –decades AFTER WWII
    -unoutted, unaswered for, unmentioned -FACT- ) .

    ESP. galling as people continue to suffer and die —by–the–million
    on this, the once again ‘mysteriously overlooked’ 60th Anniversary of
    the staggeringly relevant, indeed, STILL unfolding —KOREAN WAR.



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