From Tundra to Tropics

Hairy Chested TV Boys

Judging from the image above, you can already tell that I wasn’t talking about geography. We’ll take a closer examination of the climate change for these four current TV hotties. Although I didn’t actually watch most of them, it’s my duty as someone who constantly whine about chest hair to promote these shows as a reward for them for staying off the evil wax and razors.

1. Chace Crawford in “Gossip Girl”

Still too pretty, regardless of how much hair he has on. It’s okay, I give A for effort, but reserve the gold star for someone else. Those things cost a lot, you know?

Before: Pre-Gossip Girl farm boy inspired photo shoot.


Chace Crawford Hairy Chest

Chace Crawford Hairy Chest

2. Ryan Carnes in “Samantha Who”

Ryan Carnes didn’t do much to me, but his furry appearance in the series was a total surprise. A pleasant one, of course.

Before: Peen flashing in “Eating Out”, the movie that made him (kinda) famous.

Ryan Carnes Shirtless


Ryan Carnes Hairy Chest

Ryan Carnes Hairy Chest

Ryan Carnes Hairy Chest

3. Jake McDorman in “Greek”

He’s cute in his own way, but I still prefer his hair a bit shaggier. I think it’s safe to say that I’d do him regardless of the presence of fuzz.

Before: One of my earliest posts, his droolworthy shirtless self in “Aquamarine“. I actually watched this second by second. Someone hold me.


Jake McDorman Hairy Chest

Jake McDorman Hairy Chest

Jake McDorman Hairy Chest

4. Zachary Levi in “Chuck”

This is what we call fuzz forward. I really hope he’ll keep them on for a long time, a trim or two is allowed, I’m actually not that cruel. Now about that awful mop hair…

Before: Super smooth, super sweaty in “Weiners“.


Zachary Levi Hairy Chest

Zachary Levi Hairy Chest

Upgrade or downgrade? You decide. To me they’re all upgrades and the only way to go from here is… absolutely nothing!

For Luke and our dear friend Superherofan who recently lost his father to lung cancer. I don’t know what I’ll do without him.

  • metcalfe

    I like Crawford smooth…but the fur wasn’t bad on him either.

  • QCNiceGuy

    It should always be furry! Each one was improved by the presence of their natural self! Real men don’t shave…..

  • Nic.

    Chace with the hair is pretty hot.

    But Zachary Levi looks SOOOO yummy…

  • Boris

    I agree with QCNiceGuy.

    All those guy looked ok in the before pics. They look much better “au nautrel” especialy Ryan Carnes.

  • Derek

    Thank god they all let it grow out! Only makes them look better! Especially Crawford!

  • biggestFAN

    OH MY GOODNESS! Chace Crawford looks sooo hot with that hairy chest. I think I go because I’m starting to get excited.

  • Phuzz

    good entry

  • SirPsionicist

    As I have expressed many times before now, I love the beautiful,

    “FUZZ-FORWARD” look on men!!! Especially the younger variety because

    you rarely make an error age typing that way. And honestly considering

    that I myself am no “spring chicken”, I prefer a little seasoning in my meats.

  • sassywench

    How nice to see these fellow in their more natural furry state!

  • xoxo

    looove them furry. oh god crawford.

  • Xavier

    I like smooth guys. lol. I dont really like hairy guys. SOmetimes i do… depends on where… : ]

  • newbie

    i love these guys! chace crawford is so yummy! he is sexier than before. How i wish I could have *** with him someday ;]

  • Mflowers

    I love the fur on Chase!!!!!!!

  • James

    Holy crap they are all hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • InevitableAnon

    Hey how about some Jake McDorman with Emma Rossum scene on Shameless episode 11 season 3.

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