Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay Shirtless

In every British “Kitchen Nightmares” episode there’s a scene when Gordon Ramsay has his ‘Mr. Rogers’ moment and changes from his street clothes into his chef’s uniform. I love that part. It’s a clear indication that he’s getting down to business and he’s gonna bust some heads. Plus, he looks good without his shirt. He’s more rugged then the guys I typically like, but I enjoy his no nonsense, tough-love attitude. I’m less fond of the American version of “Nightmares” where he’s too touchy-feely.

Gordon Ramsay Shirtless

  • deej

    Oh no…Oh No…OH NO! NO you di-int!!! I’m a food professional who laughs at this show each time I’d try…TRY…to watch it. I have finally given up trying. I find this guy to be the amalgamation of all the bad stereotypes that plague every chef’s reputation before he is given a chance to prove his humanity. That said I’ve known chefs that approach, but just approach, his rude arrogance and insufferable sadism. He just takes it to a w h o l e ‘n o t h e r l e v e l ! At first I found it all funny. That didn’t last very long.
    Trust me…in any real kitchen, they would soon find this guy on the floor with a chef’s knife sticking out of his back. I don’t believe he has ever run a kitchen/dealt with a staff the way he does on the show. No one would work for him, unless they were masochists.
    When I really don’t like someone, there is no chance in hell that they will turn me on, no matter how hot. This guy is not hot…not even close. Even the sound of his voice is a turn off. Just my opinion of course…but please…

  • WarpedRecord

    This man is completely foul, and there’s nothing whatsoever appealing about him.

    Waiter, check please!

  • Dewey Mee

    I have to agree: any guy as rude, mean, arrogant, and just plain NASTY as Gordon IS- IS NOT SEXY!!!!! I wouldn’t give him a look (of course, why would I look at guys when I’m happily in bed all day with my new husband Kyle Bornheimer).

  • peter hayes


  • AaronJ

    I have to go with the crowd so far. I can’t take him seriously. I too have tried to watch shows to get a better / different opinion. I can’t watch a whole episode. He’s all the things I never want to be.

    A for effort, Square. If he had a personality transplant, MAYBE I could like him. For now … ick.

  • *wears bulletproof vest* Yes, he is a MAJOR a-hole but I found him strangely appealing (and I know for a fact that some people do as well). Maybe I had a rough childhood or something. Let me be first to say THANKS to Psi for posting this because where else on the internet would you find a page dedicated to Gordon Ramsay for being shirtless? And yes Kitchen Nightmares UK was so much better than the American version.

    Can I take this vest off now?

  • Phuzz


  • phil

    Can’t say I disagree with the above…That being said-I kinda like the dude…I can’t explain why-I just do…When I saw him on The Tonight Show, with Jay Leno, had I never seen him before I would have thought he is totally gay(being gay I can say that)not a cut just a statement…

  • undapantsman

    if he were… just a tad younger, maybe before the facial scarring, and just was a bit less high-strung, i’d think he’s hot. but right now, he’s just alright. not ugly, per se, but not hot either. haha

  • I totally dig Gordo, but the “under the white coat” pics have eliminated any further fantasies with this uglygoodlooking.

    Still love his show, his foul mouth and most importantly his food. The dinner I had at Clarridge’s continues to be the best I’ve ever had.

  • Milton

    I don’t want to see his face,or hear his voice, so WHY,oh why would I want to see his cheast?
    There are plenty of other guys, who may not have his cheast, but have sexier faces, & much better on-screen attitudes.

    P.S. The only reason I bothered to leave a comment on this post in the first place, is because I saw on your latest Jake Gyllenhall post , that many were disageeing this choice, so I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus.

  • Edie

    I think that he is sexy because of his rudeness and arrogance. I would love to be dominated and intimidated by him daily. I’d be his slave, I would, and he could verbally abuse me all he wanted. I’ll serve you, Master Gordon!

  • jimmy wood

    I’m pretty,er I mean pretty Mentally sound guy, and I love this man with each season that I watch both of his shows.I find him extremly hot. I’d love to feel his heat……

  • Sadako

    I have to agree with you, Square.. I love a man who gets down to business, and I don’t care if he is old and crusty, GR is sexy as hell. I’ve always had this fantasy of shouting out “Yes, Chef!” during coitus. Preow.

  • Say What???

    I find him strangely hot….he’s got big thighs….

  • anonymous

    Oh thank you Psi…I can see why has been awarded 16 michelin stars.

  • Joey

    This man is FOUL. There is nothing even remotely appealing about him in any way whatsoever. He is a rude, stuck-up, white-trash no-talent chef who has totally sold out to ‘Big Brother’ nonsense that unfortunately is so f’cking popular in Britain. American chefs actually have pride in their work and wouldn’t do something so foolishas to prance around naked in their underwear on a show supposedly about food. Britain is the only nation in the world where this reality show shite has taken such a hold. Other nations moved on years ago, but you Brits absolutely cannot go a soigle day without knowing what’s going on in someone else’s life, wherher it is a poorly contrived farce or not. It’s a bit like the rags sold at supermarket checkouts–in America, they are a big joke, and only crazy people actually read them, but here almost everyone reads them, and get completely worked up over the useless, depraved articles–‘Oh no, what’s her face, who last week was aboslutely nobody, but has since had the stupid luck to be picked from the huge crowd of losers who auditioned for ‘Big Brother 36′ has just broken up with her boyfriend, the toothless junkie, because she has TOTALLY fallen in love with the rapist who’s out on good behaviour and got voted into the house by all of his prison pals!! And now she’s she’s been offered a job as a spokeswoman for Crapulon Cosmetics!!!’ ugh
    and now back to Gordon Ramsay…
    His pointless, poorly conceived show is just another way to put money in his pocket. It’s a sales gimmick, and just to make sure he gets lots of viewers, he makes sure to get shirtless on every episode to give old ladies and creepy, pervy old men a thrill and keep ’em tuning in.
    And he’s a crap chef. I have eaten in two of his restaurants and I found the food uninspired, bland, pretentiously presented, and way overpriced.
    By the way…I used to work for a major British retailer, who sold his books or cookware or whatever, and one day he called the office to speak to someone about something…Verbatim transcript of our conversation follows:
    ‘Good Morning, Thank you for calling xxx, This is James, How can I help?’ ‘Yah. This is Gordon.’
    ‘Hi, Gordon, How can I help you today?’
    ‘I said, THIS IS GORDON’
    ‘Hi Gordon, This is James. What can I do for you?’
    ‘Oh for fucks. This is GORDON RAMSAY.’
    ‘Obviously, I’d like to speak to someone in the events department. About the book signing I am doing in your store tomorrow. Are you now aware of who I am? ‘
    ‘I have heard of you, but I don’t really rate celebrities. Or people who think they are celebrities. One moment while I transfer you.’

  • JohnT

    I love the Post from Joey – and Joey if you are single – I would like to have dinner and a drink with you.

    x John


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  • Virginia

    I think he’s hot. 😀

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