How Does This Make You Feel?

Zac Efron in High School Musical 3

Here’s our questionable favorite Disney hottie Zac Efron looking all hearthrob-ish from “High School Musical 3”. I’m not a big fan of gym bunnies but damn. Quick! Pull me back before I jumped on the Zefron bus to Disneyland!

Zac Efron from High School Musical 3

  • leonard

    aw cmon! i am sooooooo over zac efron. this website should be for tween gay kids now!

  • Craig

    Hey, Zac is so hot! I’m gonna see this on October 22nd here in the UK. Lucas Grabeel is who I’d marry and Zac would be my fuck buddy haha =]

  • AaronJ

    Too late Square … too late. See you on The Bus. 😀

    BTW, I loves Zefron. Like Adam Brody, he knows but he doesn’t care. Sigh.

  • Duckhunter1

    Oh he is so cute and his belly hairs are yummy

    I just wish they would show his fine ass with no clothes on!

  • rodmdz

    Well, It’s Zaquisha covered in sweat… i think the feeling is disgusted.

  • Curtis

    Now Zac is one fine mutha fuka, I would swallow every drop of his sweet man juice. He is going to be very big in movies, move over Brad here cums Zac!!

  • WarpedRecord

    This makes me feel completely heterosexual because I see absolutely nothing in this child. Maybe I’ll check back in 20 years or so when he grows up.

  • Brendan

    With the amount of make up he uses, he’ll be in drag in a year or two.

  • 24gotham

    I am not interested in children… He is just not very manly.

  • DoverDavid

    He’s too girly for me, he can try to hide it, but I see the true inner queen.

  • KarmaLysing

    NOOOO, SQUARE… DON’T DRINK THE KOOL-AID!!!!! Just say “No”!!!!!

  • J

    … nope, nothing. I do have an HSM baby but it’s not the orange boy.

  • Boris

    This kid will always look underage for me. Sorry.


    All hot and sweaty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and just the right amout of Muscle!!!!!!!


  • phil

    HHHmmm I wonder…Zac Efron, and Leonard Whitting(Romeo, and Juliet-196-something)…Not separated at birth of course, but close…

  • Robert Frank

    Zac has been lifting weights. You can see the definition in his guns. When he combs his hair back, you see the maturity that was not there even a year ago. He is maturing into a handsome, manly, str8 guy who should move into action films and adult romantic roles. He turns the girls on and they turn him on in return. Now it’s time for him to move on to the women (sorry guys, but he sure seems str8 to me).

  • Rad

    Wow! Sweaty really works for this guy. So hot!

  • Harry

    hot, but a useless entry if his shirt is on.

  • Aah!


  • jerome

    i love you because your so hoy

  • Mmmm

    Zac, come be on top of me.

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