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Charlie and Marcus on Survivor: Gabon

Is there something going on between these two on camp at the wee hours that I don’t know about? Look at our boy Charlie, his eyes are SPARKLING. These caps could easily pass for ad or something. Last time I checked, straight guys don’t hug / kiss gay guys like that unless they have something in mind. Don’t tell me it’s just “bromance” because I know better! In case you have no clue what I’m rambling about, it’s two lovebirds in denial Charlie Herschel and peen flasher Marcus Lehman on last night’s episode of “Survivor: Gabon”. Now, about that raw footage in the herbs garden…

Charlie Herschel and Marcus Lehman

Charlie Herschel and Marcus Lehman

Charlie Herschel and Marcus Lehman

Charlie Herschel

Charlie Herschel

Charlie Herschel and Marcus Lehman

Charlie Herschel and Marcus Lehman

Charlie Herschel and Marcus Lehman

Charlie Herschel and Marcus Lehman

How could I do a Survivor post without Dan?

Dan Kay

Dan Kay

  • Virtue

    Can you say….gay gay gay? Not to mention pretty boys ^^

  • Looks like you just gave me a good reason to watch a show I never watch! Thanks.

  • rodmdz

    They look kinda “queer”… let’s hope for some action on the hot nights…

  • Add a few sequins and a disco ball to those pics and it would look like a South Beach club!

    My guess is that last week was not the first or last time Marcus flashed some peen.

  • cohencha

    I’ve GOT to start watching that!

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  • duckhunter1

    nothing he doesnt do anything for me

  • PJ

    Charlie has the look of someone who is totally digging on Marcus. He has the glow. I’ve had that glow before, too… right before my fantasies of snogging a straight guy were totally smashed. Poor Charlie seems doomed to despair on this one. (At least while everyone’s sober and the cameras are turned on.)

  • WarpedRecord

    I’m with duckhunter1 here. Neither does a thing for me. A bit too skinny and boyish for my tastes.

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  • Curtis

    Best season by far!!! I love the show.

  • chip

    I’ve grown tired of Survivor, but these guys are what my fantasies are made of.
    I know I shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition, but you get the idea. I think they gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  • Phuzz


  • Anonymous Bicth

    awwwwww…they’re so adorable…and marcus is so in denial…

  • stevedenver

    Two males touched. They must be gay. If they had punched each other, that would be acceptable male contact, but even among us gays, a guy kissing another guy on his shirted shoulder is reason to get aflutter and push the two down the aisle.

  • darwin

    Marcus is gay its so obvious. no wonder he’s single

  • Dewey Mee

    Yup, these guys are SO GAY, BUT they don’t do a thing for me; either one of them.

  • Sammie.

    He kisses him on an episode I miss? All well, atleast he did it.
    And they’re inlove. Actually, I don’t know if that’s true, but a girl can hope, can’t she?

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