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More Mike Vogel Shirtless

It seems to me, that if Mike Vogel was going to be a big star it should have happened by now. He’s been in some fairly big movies but he continues to fly under the radar. Of course dubious leading man film role choices like “The Deaths Of Ian Stone” (capped here) can’t be helping matters. Sure Mike’s hot as ever and he manages to get his shirt off a few times, but the movie is a hot mess. If you took the scripts of “Buffy”, “The Butterfly Effect” and “The Matrix”, blended them together and then carefully picked out and discarded all the parts that made sense this is the movie you’d come up with. Why can’t Mike find the star-making shirtless bad-boy role I know he was meant to play?

More Mike Vogel Shirtless

More Mike Vogel Shirtless

  • Hi,
    great site, you have me coming in here every day to see what new pics you’ve managed to find!

    I tried to find one of my own favs here but didn’y so I thouht I’d drop his name your way: Kyle Schmid.

    Isn’t a huge star but is a bit of a bad boy. Extreamly facinating.. not much info about him out there.

    Have a fab weekend!

  • tigerfreak428

    Oooohhh… I want him in my closet….

  • Thanks Jane, Jared Padalecki and Taylor Kitsch made love on the backseat of a car and produced Kyle Schmid. He’s HAWT.

    And this movie is truly a hot mess. You can tell scruff works wonders with Mike Vogel!

  • Phuzz

    to bad he shaves chest off

  • It will happen for him. He just needs a more aggressive agent and the right break. He is on the verge.

  • An aggressive agent for Mike Vogel… Mmm… Where do I sign up?


    GREAT BODY!!!!!!!!

  • Dudboi

    He looks like Jensen Ackles and Ryan Phillipe had sex and gave birth to him.

    Which is not a bad thing at all. Very cute.

  • Bruno

    He looks overconfident …turn off…

  • to be as discreet and gentile as possible doesn’t Mike V. have like the most
    suckable/lickable pecs and nipples of any hottie man/boy actor in the movie
    biz today?

  • metcalfe

    Love me some Vogel…would love to run my hands and tongue all over him. I don’t think he’s a great actor…but I love watching him shirtless in the movies.

  • deliciousfag

    Looks like that woman stole her outfit from Britney Spears’ “Oops! I did it again” music video shoot. lol

  • Mallory

    I think Square is right that if Mike is going to become ‘the next big thing’ it would’ve already happened. Such a shame because he’s so extremely hot, seeing all of that…..talent..go to waste is shameful. Usually I can keep my concentration but damn, mmmah..he’s very…very sexy. Face, body, all of it. Me likey.

  • Complex

    I never would’ve guessed that was the same guy from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Cloverfield. Doesn’t look like him here. And he’s not as hot.

  • Pete

    Mike Vogel is so freaking hot!! Handsome, cute, sexy… I love him!

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