Poll: New Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers New Look

As much as I love my Mimi and Madge, I do listen to alternative artists, among them is my favorite band, The Killers. Okay, half the reason is because of the delectable Brandon Flowers but who can blame me? I think he looks a bit generic with the new album (except for the roadkill jacket, someone fire his stylist pls thx) so I’m gonna go with the previous gypsy, pornstache cuteness. What do you think?

Here’s a few stills from “Read My Mind” on previous album “Sam’s Town” and the new look from “Human” on the latest album “Day & Age” to help make your decision. Voting is also available on the right sidebar elsewhere.


Brandon Flowers in Human

Brandon Flowers in Human

Brandon Flowers in Human

“Read My Mind”

Brandon Flowers in Read My Mind

Brandon Flowers in Read My Mind

Brandon Flowers in Read My Mind

Brandon Flowers in Read My Mind

  • Bruno

    He´s simply perfect no matter how!!!

  • AaronJ

    >but who can blame me?

    Square, we can blame you for a LOT of things, like taking away from my homework time, not sharing your playthings, being kept by up to FOUR husbands …

    but we can hardly ever blame you for bad taste. You’re good to go in that category 😉

  • hello

    i luv him regardless but i do prefer his Pornstache.

  • szoszo

    this is quite the confusing question because originally he had no facial hair. then came the mustache. and now hes smooth again. basically i prefer smooth all the way. let me see all of that babyface!

  • KarmaLysing

    Without the porn ‘stache, he looks like a very young Adam Baldwin. Like, pre-“My Bodyguard” young…

  • Justin

    He’s my fag hag’s nephew and she won’t let me meet him. I guess she doesn’t talk to his mom anymore. Needless to say, I’m not happy about it.

  • I love the new look. I love the old look too. He kind of looks a bit ‘Peter Petrelli’ now, but that’s no criticism. Me likey 🙂

  • WarpedRecord

    Please, Brandon, bring back the pornstache! Better yet, grow a full beard.

    As for their music, the first album was absolute killer, but “Sam’s Town” struck me as too much of a Springsteen ripoff. I don’t have the new one yet.

    Speaking of which, Square, how about featuring Brooce? He’s always been hot, regardless of his age and facial hair.

  • It’s weird, I didn’t really like the porn-stache, but the new look is very Mike Ausiello (in a road-kill jacket, which Mike would never do) and I’m not sure it’s an improvement. He’s cute either way, but a little too intense for my money.

  • sassywench

    I think he’s more handsome without the facial hair. Now, when are we going to see him shirtless!??

  • rodmdz

    Well, I prefer facial hair but I would do him nevertheless…

  • deej

    Definitely WITH the pornstache…otherwise you are right….still cute, but doesn’t stand out.

  • Timmy

    Most definitley WITH the stache… Cute cute

  • OMG Justin I’m so madatchu! What is my husband doing in your avatar?!?

  • ambassador from hell

    Oh my f’in gods!!! He’s perfect now! He like a hotter, more masculine version of jim verraros.

  • MG

    yeah!, when are we going to see him shirtless!??

    or just show us some more skin 😉

  • Kyran

    I think he looks a loot like Edward Atterton (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0041029/) from Children of Dune, but a bit less hairy. Very nice, prefer him without the pornstache tho…

  • Walker Girl

    omg, omg, omg. /teenager moment. he is so hot, first of all, second, he gets better and better looking with age, third, i choose clean shaved. sexy then, sexy with stache and super sexy now without. so sorry for the teen moment, but this man happens to be one of my most. favorite. rockers. ever.

  • Laura

    He should grow his hair long again

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