Robert Downey Jr. in The Making of Ironman

Robert Downey Jr. Shirtless in Ironman

In all seriousness, they should replace the whole Robert Downey Jr.’s super unflattering shirtless scene in “Ironman” with this making of clip. Heck, they should replace the entire movie with looping footage of RDJ covered in white substance and looking totally orgas… Wait, what am I still doing here? Now if you please excuse me while I go enjoy some me time. Don’t bother to knock because I’m not gonna answer for the next half an hour or so.

Caps by the superfabulous Superherofan!

Robert Downey Jr. Shirtless in Ironman

Robert Downey Jr. Shirtless in Ironman

Robert Downey Jr. Shirtless in Ironman

Robert Downey Jr. Shirtless in Ironman

  • Phuzz

    at a certain point you got’a say “no”

  • AaronJ

    Hmm, I often look like pic #9, though lately it is Square’s fault entirely.

    Only a HALF HOUR of me time? You’re an old man. Surely it takes longer than that!!

    Alright alright, I’m going to bed!

  • AaronJ

    PS Square, your timestamp is still off by 12 hours exactly.

  • Bruno

    Wow ….he´s really fit for an old guy . By the way , my last boyfriend was 42 so , old guys are always welcome.

  • Boris

    Didn’t he used to have hair on his chest?

  • Reese

    He did used to have hair on his body, I remember seeing him in the “Pick Up Artist” in the 1980s and he had a shower scene. Thanks for posting this, I’ve wondered what he looks like now without his shirt.

  • knockout

    I agree I’d have to just say NO.

  • KarmaLysing

    RDJ has it goin’ on, far moreso than when he was in his 20’s and a major coke-head.

    In this particular instance, chances are he had to shave for the body cast (latex + body hair = OUCH!!!!), and just decided to leave it smooth.

    Oh, and FYI for all the 15-year-olds this site seems to have attracted lately? There are a lot of us who are older than you. Shut it or piss off. Thanks.

  • szoszo

    ahhhahahhahaaahhh…….. omg this is like my birthday and christmas and well practically any other holiday in the world just happened today… thank you so so so much. but can anybody tell me whats the tattoo on his left shoulder? cause if its hes wifes name im gonna puke. tattooing your sons name on yourself is daddy hotness. tattooing a girls name on your shoulder is drunken night affair.

  • DoverDavid

    He used the hairs on his chest to divide the coke up on the mirror. And old at 42, thems fightin’ words.

  • AaronJ

    Uh, if you guys are talking about me the age thing, I was picking on Square solely because of his 30-minute comment. FYI, I’m 27. Going on 15 maybe, but nonetheless.

  • szoszo

    how can you use chesthair to divide coke? 😀 just curious
    Aaron i think they meant the people who said ‘no’. no worries 🙂

  • AaronJ

    @ szoszo

    Cool. No worries then.

  • Xavier

    Lol. Well.. Personally… for an older guy, I think he is HOT! Especially when he dresses in his nice tux. I love guys that are dressed up… and, well… dressed down.

  • jimmy wood

    Get over the old thing young things.He’s looking great,and what really matters is whether you have sexuality,and exude smokin sensuality,He also has a bubble butt that is so squeezable.Can’t remember the period type movie tho…

  • ErinKate

    I don’t care how old he is.. Hasn’t any ever heard, “Age ain’t nothin but a number.?” He is lookin sexy for his age. I’m 15 and think he’s FINE!

  • I LOVE him! If u like him-like I do-email me! XD

  • lilly

    That man turns me on soooo much! SOOOO HOT ROBERT DOWNEY JR!

  • chad

    I would do him so hard…

  • RDJluver2010

    OMG RDJ is the sexiest man alive!! oh yea oh yea!! bitches!!

  • alyssa

    Robert Downey Jr is the most hottest man on earth I’ ve met him he’s nice and cute you should see Due Date it’s fuckin funny.

  • maxyne payne

    God he is so hot. I’m soooo glad I found this website,RDJ is soooo hot. Divorce your wife,marry me instead,we’re both Aries. I don’t care if I’m only (two yyears under)15,MARRY ME.

  • Me encaaantaaaaa!! jajaja
    Yo he acabado aqui por poner en google imagenes “robert downey jr gay”
    Que cosas busco…. pero merece la penaaa
    Le amooooo!!!
    Y este video lo demuestra:

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