Separated at Birth: Joe Jonas & Brandon Routh

Joe Jonas and Brandon Routh

Okay I don’t even know why I bother posting this. Perhaps the only similarity between these two is the hot caterpillar brows. Speaking of Brandon Routh, where the hell is he anyways? Come out come out wherever you are! (and take your shirt off while you’re at it.)

And yes, it’s a slowww day.

  • Funnybluepants

    Wow.. that’s quite uncanny. I wonder if they both use the same conditioner?

  • AaronJ

    The only way I could tell the difference is if Joe does NOT have that now famous bulge that Brandon displayed in pics of Superman Returns.

  • WarpedRecord

    A slow day indeed. Oh well, at least it’s been a hot week, thanks to Kyle Bornheimer and his marvelous chest.

  • Square

    Does anyone else think that joe has the potential to become a major hottie in five years time?

  • AaronJ

    In answer to Where is Brandon Routh anyway?, looks like he’s been very busy. This is 2008-only activity, according to IMDB:

    1. Dead of Night (2009) (pre-production) …. Dylan Dog
    2. Table for Three (2008) (post-production) …. Scott Teller
    3. Stuntmen (2008) (post-production) …. Kirby Popoff
    4. Miss Nobody (2008) (post-production) …. Milo Beeber
    5. Life Is Hot in Cracktown (2008) (completed) …. Sizemore
    6. Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008) …. Bobby
    7. “Fear Itself” …. Bobby (1 episode, 2008)
    – Community (2008) TV episode …. Bobby
    8. Lie to Me (2008) …. James
    … aka Fling (USA: new title)

  • Thanks for the list Aaron. No wonder he wasn’t returning my calls. He played what again in “Zack and Miri”? Should I be excited?

  • AaronJ

    Well Square, apparently he and Justin Long were ‘involved’ in Zack and Miri. There’s a pic somewhere on the net showing them embracing and/or kissing.

    Searching my backup CD’s for said pic . . .

  • AaronJ

    Aww nuts, I found the pic, but it’s not what I remembered. It shows Brandon being a bit of a bully to Justin.

    But my mind’s image has a movie scene pic somewhere showing Justin and Brandon sorta kinda in a compromising position. Googling didn’t help. I’ll file it away as a ‘to do’ item.

  • Derek

    holy cow… yes… and thank you, I was wondering why Jonas looked so familiar… and what is up with the new Superman???

  • Duckhunter1

    Lets hope Joe or Kevin get Butt naked

    One can dream

  • Duckhunter1

    Lets hope Joe gets naked and shows off his furry Native American chest

    disney shaved it all off for Camp Rock WAAAH

  • Ashley Renee

    i hear on that brandon routh is in the process of making superman..and that it is suppose to be darker and less kid like.

  • David

    five years time damn i think all of them are hot now meaning the jonas brothers ……. is that wrong…. lol

  • Rad

    There is no comparison. Joe is a boy, Brandon is all man!

  • andré

    Joe is way hotter.
    Brandon is plain ugly actually.
    I think Joe is gay.

  • Milton

    Can’t say I’ve never had any fantasies regarding Joe Jonas. To Duckhunter1, I don’t think the Jonas Bros. are Native American; probably Greek, with that last name, although I could be wrong about that. Also, I don’t think Joe’s ever had any cheast to shave off. At least he’s finally of legal age (20).

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  • Amy

    I was SOOOO totally thinking this watching “Chuck” today and just about fell off my chair when my Google search resulted in this page!! Ha ha! I’m not the only one who thinks it!

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