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Brotherhood V Casts

I don’t know why suddenly I have the urge to post about our favorite horror director David DeCoteau’s latest project, “The Brotherhood V: Alumni”. By horror I mean pretty boys prancing around half naked trying to be scary with the possibility of touching themselves and each other. No, this is not one of those boy traps again I swear! I’m sure these LA based actors / models never have the time to Google themselves on daily basis. For those who are not familiar with David’s movies, four words — pretty gay vampire cheese. Actually you can omit “vampire” because Bill Compton from “True Blood” will not approve of this. Since it’s called “Alumni”, I was expecting to see my favorite self-touching past Brotherhood casts like Sean Faris but I guess it’s too much to ask since he’s kinda famous now.

Anyways, here is the cover art for the said film. Any gayer the unicorns will die! Here’s a constructive critism, instead of having smooth model grade pretty boys, why don’t we have more natural looking, razor free cast members for the next film? I’m sure David will attract a new kind of audience to the Brotherhood franchise. Okay, maybe just me and four other people but that’s not the point. We can call it “Brotherhood VI: The Hairy” or something.

Brotherhood V: Alumni Cover Art

I’m way out of order from my original intention, which was to post pictures of the fifth Brotherhood boys. Here are their least gay pictures I could find.

Oskar Rodriguez

I can’t find much info about this Puerto Rican hottie except that he was a dancer in “Dirty Dancing: Havana Night” and an extra in “Cougar Club” (OMG I gotta watch this).

Oskar Rodriguez

Oskar Rodriguez

Oskar Rodriguez

Arthur Napiontek

Out of these 3 boys I think Arthur has been the most successful since he was in “Pineapple Express”. Okay that’s pretty much it. With that body and beautiful auburn (or is it strawberry blond — help me out here) hair, who cares?

Arthur Napiontek

Arthur Napiontek

Arthur Napiontek

Arthur Napiontek

Brett Novek

Brett is also known for his appearance in “America’s Most Smartest Model”. He ended up in the fourth place, which is I guess is pretty smart (for a model). He’s also guest star in “The Hills” as Spencerdouce sister’s “love interest”. Why do these girls get all the models?

Brett Novek

Brett Novek

Brett Novek

Brett Novek

“Brotherhood V” is currently in post production stage and scheduled to release next year. All pictures are from their respective bad music ridden MySpace pages.

On a side note, a little bird told me that not-Tom-Cruise-looking model Bryan McMullin is filming a “horror” film with David DeCoteau this week. I’ll be sure to watch that hot mess!

  • RSL

    Another homerun this morning. Brett Novek is just drop dead beautiful. Can be a little offputting when he flashes his superwhite giant smile but still insanely attractive. Can’t wait to see some hoyay with Brett. Brett + Pickle hoyay FTW!

  • WarpedRecord

    Are these actual people, or mannequins? I cannot tell the difference.

  • 24gotham

    Wow… I wouldn’t want to sleep with any of them…. I just don’t do children…. It’s morally wrong. Not a single chest hair to be seen…. They all look to be 18 yrs and 1 day old…. I will be back for the Men.

  • Alex M.

    “I’ll be sure to watch that hot mess!”

    -Hot Mess being the key words-

    But hey… they are hot. And that´s what matters.

  • Come to think of it, they DO look like mannequins in these pictures. Charisma you there?

  • Dewey Mee

    I could go to school and all these guys could suck me. Head of the class!

  • i agree that Decoteau features the most stunningly gorgeous boys in his films.
    plus the abundant homoeroticism of such boys running around in their tighty
    whities is worth the price of the dvd but and this a big *BUT*, considering many
    of Decoteau’s films would more than likely get an R rating for their stylized sexuality/ sensuality and violence i find it just plain bizarre than none of his films
    since VOODOO ACADEMY (2000) has even had simple bare butt nudity. when
    you consider that Decoteau is openly gay its doubly bizarre. heck Tom Welling
    has had 4 very artfully shot bare butts scenes on SMALLVILLE so why none in a
    film geared primarily toward the gay market?

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  • Rad

    The movies get worse and worse, but the guys get hotter. It’s a fair trade.

  • Sam

    Just finished watching “Brotherhood V: Alumni” Have to say it was the first David Decoteau film I felt the need to fast-forward to the good parts. Even the boy-on-boy pseudo-sex scene was kinda lame. Only marginally better was the two-boys-on-same-girl-and-each-other scene.
    You didn’t even mention my favorite guy, with a scruffy goatee as the “Bad Boy”, Nathan Parsons.
    Wish I could recommend this film, being a long-time fan of the Decoteau genre, but I just can’t.

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